Understanding The Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

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11 Responses to Understanding The Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Hi Tony… our local TV station is running a sport that Antarctica is recording its warmest temps ever. Care to comment. Love your work.

  2. Jack Langdon says:

    Will not play on andro.

  3. Massimo Mobilito says:

    It’s confirmation bias at its worst…every media source is running with it

  4. Stephen J Woolley says:

    Link won’t open, just goes to an image of the window. Are “they’ messing with your site? Paranoia is warranted! LOL

  5. Martin says:

    Only getting a thumbnail of what looks like a video. When clicked, again, just an image.

  6. John Haller says:

    Climate change became the go to euphemism for weather trends that could not be squeezed into the global warming template. Climate change is the “one size fits all” of weather and climate phenomena. Whatever the particular detail is, it’s b_a_a_a_a_d,
    because they deemed it to be. Just like those pesky bits of melted cheese that don’t stay within the boundaries of the neat slices of toast that is the”unsightly” global warming “toasted cheese sandwich” template. Climate change is when you trim the unsightly melted cheese from around the edges, thus restoring the trimmed and uncluttered global warming template. There now, “good enough to eat” and if you swallow that, you’ll swallow anything.

  7. Linda Barr says:

    Unable to play the video on a PC

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