Tornado Outbreak Of February 21, 1971

On this date in 1971, a massive tornado outbreak and snowstorm caused hundreds of casualties in the US.

21 Feb 1971, Page 1 – The Daily Times-News at

A cold Arctic air mass collided with warm humid air in the south.

I remember that winter very well.  It was extremely cold in New Mexico. Santa Fe was -15F and Albuquerque was -13F. My 9th grade earth science teacher was very excited about the “polar air mass.”

05 Jan 1971, 1 – The Santa Fe New Mexican at

NASA was forecasting a new ice age by the year 2021.

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming


U.S. and Soviet Press Studies of a Colder Arctic – The New York Times


The bad weather of the 1970s was blamed on global cooling and the new ice age. They called it “global climatic upheaval”

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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8 Responses to Tornado Outbreak Of February 21, 1971

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Any colder period rivaling the climate of the 1970s will put an end this relatively quiet weather period we are blessed to be living through.

    Of course, the Climate Change™ Propagandists (the CCP) ;-P will then [fraudulently] take credit for being right about “extreme” weather, although it will be because colder temps going further south, and not [actual] warmer temps on which their junk science is based.

  2. Cornelius says:

    Haven’t I been assured, repeatedly, that the entire global cooling scare was comprised of just one article? Hmm …

    • Aussie says:

      Yes Cornelius, I am from Australia and clearly remember that period and the publicity about the coming Ice Age. We had documentaries and newspaper articles. I remember each winter seeing pictures from the US of blizzards and the reporters saying a new Ice Age was coming. It was not “one article in Newsweek” as you have flagged the alarmists as claiming.

      At the time when I first heard about the “green house effect” I thought that it would help prevent or temper an Ice Age. But when I started reading about it and the huge complexities of the climate system I quickly realised that CO2 was probably only a very minor player.

      My view has not changed, but the ramping up of hysteria here in Australia is extremely serious. Each day we are treated to more falsehoods, more false claims, more cherry picked data – the alarmists are very much in evidence.

      Goebbels said “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” and worryingly this seems to be the alarmists game plan to spook the general public, CEOs and politicians. The astronomical cost of “renewable energy” is not talked about and even claimed to be cheaper – disregarding need for storage and backup systems.

      At some stage it will all hit the proverbial fan down here, and it won’t be pretty.

    • Tropical Lutefisk says:

      I have always remembered a short film shown to my kindergarten class in 1975 about the coming ice age. I don’t remember much other than the part where they were showing frozen oranges in Florida and how soon it would be too cold to grow citrus fruit in the US. At the time it scared the heck out of me. Even at the young age of five I hated cold weather. This is also the reason I grew to doubt and question just about everything. I’ve found being skeptical makes me correct just about 95% of the time.

  3. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I remember it well. I was 10 in 1970 but remember reading about it in the newspapers. We didn’t have TV until about 1975 and I remember it being mentioned then as well.

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    Ichtiaque Rasool passed away peacefully on April 20th, 2016 in Bethesda MD.

    He went before the ice age arrived, and now we can’t even ask him about it.

  5. Mikael Reichel says:

    Just got a link from a friend to a vid. by Mallen. He is attacking Tony on the temp data processing. He says nothing on the infamous email correspondence detailing how best to erase/alter data. Never mind, had another idea. What about ocean PH as means to understand temperature variations? Higher temps, more CO2 is released, cooler must mean increase acidification. Surely there is a time lag and large global variations but if there has been longterm studies there might be data that can tell a story?

  6. Clay Sally says:

    Or, when warming accelerated the melting of cloud ice in the 70’s, it temporarily masked warming due to a thickening of clouds minimizing blackbody radiation reflection. Now that the water from that ice has melted, those clouds have accelerated their evaporation process, thus once again increasing the amount of radiation reflecting off the earth’s blackbody’s…Take a year one science class, moron…Or just kill yourself, it will end up being the only positive contribution you ever make to society as a whole, and I think you know that…

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