Arizona Permanent Drought Update

Five years ago, the Flagstaff, Arizona newspaper announced the permanent drought.

08 Mar 2015, 4 – Arizona Daily Sun at

Since then, precipitation in Flagstaff has been slightly above the long term mean.

Over the past four months, Arizona has been close to record wet.

Arizona is the greenest I have seen it in 40 years

Two years ago, experts announced the demise of snow in Flagstaff.

Climate change: Winter was Flagstaff’s identity. What happens now?

Last year they had their snowiest day on record, and best ski season.

State of Emergency in Flagstaff after snowiest day on record |

I will shortly be headed up to the hills north of Phoenix to photograph the snow. This is what golfing looked like in Scottsdale, Arizona a year ago.

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11 Responses to Arizona Permanent Drought Update

  1. Sharpshooter says:

    Last week they had to open Granite Reef Dam as they mountain lakes were getting too full. :-) Imagine that!!

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I wish everyone could read what you post and watch the videos but I think some people just don’t want to be proved wrong – very short-sighted. I keep trying anyway. The over-hyping is hard to get past on this and a certain virus for some people to think ‘Could they be wrong? Or worse, deliberately wrong?’

  3. Scissor says:

    One can’t ski at a downhill resort in Colorado now, and it’s not for lack of snow.

    I especially disagree with the closing of the ski resorts as I had planned to ski a lot this March.

  4. Russell Cook says:

    Watching the weather forecasts for the Phoenix metro area has been entertaining lately, about every 6-7 days, there’s a 2-3 period of rain. 1.10″ over 3 days last week, .40″ yesterday and .13″ after midnight so far today.

  5. Robert (YORGY) Yorgason says:

    Yes it changes, always has, always will…

  6. Lance says:

    as a climate refugee, I had to bail out of Phoenix and head back north…some kind of crisis is going on….however, when I left, I had not seen my back yard that wet!!! the ground was sinking as I walked across my back yard.!!

  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    Same in Australia. In 2008 “dams will never fill again” “this drought is the new climate”
    Result: heavy rain within months.

    In 2019 “climate change causing drought”
    “No rain before May 2020”
    Result: torrential rain and floods in Queensland and NSW. Rain in Victoria and South Australia.

  8. gregole says:

    My front yard in Phoenix is gravel. Except this year it’s gravel and weeds. I pull them up and they’re back in a week. Totally overgrown. I gave up on the back yard.

    The greening of Phoenix.

  9. stephan says:

    The BBC are excelling themselves lately. Jonathan Amos, idiot extraordinaire shared another pile of bullcrap:
    “Greenland shed an extraordinary 600 billion tonnes of ice by the end of summer last year.This melt-driven loss would have raised global sea levels by 2.2mm, say scientists who’ve just published an analysis of satellite gravity measurements taken over the Arctic.
    Of course, when winter set in, some of that mass would have been recovered as it snowed across the ice sheet.”
    Fake news at its finest!

  10. Steven Fraser says:

    Similarly, in the DFW Texas area, we have received the highest rainfall amount ever recorded, year-to-date. Oh, the Agony!

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