Climate Alarmism Kills

Interesting map from NASA, which shows how polluted the air in Northern Italy normally is.

Satellite data shows air pollution drop in Europe amid COVID-19 lockdowns | CBC News

My sister used to live in Wuhan – the air there is filthy. New York City also has filthy air.

This video from a German infectious disease specialist explains why Wuhan and Northern Italy have been hit hard by Coronavirus – the people there have chronic lung disease from the dirty air. Turn on Closed Captioning.

Weather Underground has tracking information for COVID-19 deaths. My former home, Boulder County, Colorado has had no deaths. My current home, Buffalo County, Nebraska has had no deaths. And my future home, Laramie County, Wyoming has had no deaths. All three have relatively clean air.

WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

Climate alarmists have forced governments to focus on non-pollutant CO2, rather than actual pollutants which cause people to die. They are culpable for the destruction of the global economy, which is exactly what they wanted to do.

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