Climate Alarmism Kills

Interesting map from NASA, which shows how polluted the air in Northern Italy normally is.

Satellite data shows air pollution drop in Europe amid COVID-19 lockdowns | CBC News

My sister used to live in Wuhan – the air there is filthy. New York City also has filthy air.

This video from a German infectious disease specialist explains why Wuhan and Northern Italy have been hit hard by Coronavirus – the people there have chronic lung disease from the dirty air. Turn on Closed Captioning.

Weather Underground has tracking information for COVID-19 deaths. My former home, Boulder County, Colorado has had no deaths. My current home, Buffalo County, Nebraska has had no deaths. And my future home, Laramie County, Wyoming has had no deaths. All three have relatively clean air.

WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

Climate alarmists have forced governments to focus on non-pollutant CO2, rather than actual pollutants which cause people to die. They are culpable for the destruction of the global economy, which is exactly what they wanted to do.

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29 Responses to Climate Alarmism Kills

  1. Steve Case says:

    They are culpable for the destruction of the global economy, which is exactly what they wanted to do.

    Design or chance, I’m sure more than a few of them are giddy about the recent turn of events.

  2. Matthew says:

    Exactly. They can’t get people to sign on to their insane dreams in any other way, so they collude (see what I did there?) with the MSM to terrify the population into giving away all their rights and freedoms.

  3. Betr Beckmann of U. Colo at Boulder pointed out the differential between deaths and disabilities per Gigawatt-year for nuclear power (from mining through entombment of non-commercial daughter products) versus coal, fuel oil and all other things the looter intelligentzia wanted to subsidize in order to ban nuclear energy. “The Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear” documents the fact nobody denies: every nuclear power station eliminates hundreds of premature pollution/accident deaths per year while raising the standard of living, earning power and life expectancy of those populations relatively free from coercive collectivist superstition.

  4. D. Boss says:

    And the climate nutbar cultists can’t even keep sane and straight arguments for their alarmist gobbledygook – ALL the recent displays in EVERY media outlet I have seen about reduced “pollution” is not measuring CO2 but rather measuring NO2!!!

    Read the caption in the first image on this page! “Nitrogen Dioxide” is displayed in these propaganda maps!

    Proof that “science” is only a strawman argument for the real objectives – destruction of capitalist, free society….

  5. John F. Hultquist says:

    Years ago (say mid-to-late 1960s in the USA) I recall driving toward large cities and seeing brown haze in the distance covering the urban area. Within 15 minutes of entering that zone, I would get a headache. Once inside that haze, its visual existence faded, but not the headache.

    That being said, Washington State was an initial hot spot of dead from the virus. There was a failure of the “health system” — a multifaceted combination of things about which much has been written. Search on Life Care Center of Kirkland.

  6. Scissor says:

    Air pollution, especially NO2, is undoubtedly a co-factor in this disease progression. It would impact susceptibility and survivability and may even have had something to do with the jump of the virus from animal to animal.

    The number of deaths is a function of the number of cases. Undoubtedly, cleaner air is helpful but a higher number of cases and deaths are to be expected in larger infected populations.

    Boulder is part of the Denver metropolitan area and will see its share of cases and deaths. Most parts of Wyoming and Nebraska have low population density and are relatively isolated and are more likely to keep the virus as bay, regardless of air quality.

    • rah says:

      Five factors I figure put Italy where it is now with the COVID-19

      1. The population of Italy is one of the oldest in Europe.
      2. Heavy trade in the textile industry between N. Italy and China and the government was slow to cut off travel between the two countries.
      3. N. Italy has about the worst air pollution of all countries in western Europe and thus a higher percentage of people with chronic respiratory conditions/diseases.
      4. Italy’s socialized medical system was and is overwhelmed. Care rationed. Older people sacrificed because care concentrated on the younger people infected who are judged to have better potential for recovery. Welcome to Obama care!
      5. Concentration of population. Many people still live concentrated in centuries old structures and most of the rest in more modern apartment buildings. Thus social distancing is extremely difficult. Even in rural villages this is the case.

      Don’t get me wrong. I Love Italy and the Italians. Three different occasions I spent several weeks in N. Italy.

      The first time was for a major exercise. We were split team with the Italian Special Forces. The aggressors were the Italian Army Alpini (mountain troops).

      With aggressors having given us trouble made us have to change location and after a long movement over two nights and a day we entered a remote mountain village in the region where chianti wine is made.

      It was May Day, the communist holiday, and nobody in the village was working. They were all in cantinas celebrating the holiday. When they saw us entering the town the people came flooding out of the cantinas and started trying to drag us, rucksacks, weapons, and all, into the cantinas to buy us drinks. They told us we were the first American soldiers to enter their village since WW II.

      They hid us out in an empty chianti warehouse and we operated from there for the better part of the next two weeks until we were exfiltrated by helicopter when the exercise ended. They never gave us up to the aggressors. The night before we were to move out to set up an LZ in a nearby Alpine pasture for the helicopter to land on they threw us a fantastic dinner. 12 courses (counting the drinks). It was wonderful and they would not allow us to pay a cent.

      Ironically the whole notional premise of the exercise was that the Soviets had successfully invaded northern Italy. And yet there we were being hidden and aided by Italian communists and not given up to the aggressors that were playing Soviet communists.

      Anyway I came to appreciate the Italian way of life and loved their food. Their easygoing style of living focused more on enjoyment of the little things and yet becoming quite passionate quickly if you happened to touch upon something they really cared about. They really love their sports. Soccer and skiing.

  7. Rowland P says:

    You might like to be made aware that the US government along with big pharma appears to be suppressing the possible remedy for the virus which was developed years ago by the Cubans. It is Interferon Alfa-2B

  8. Bill says:

    Here are excerpts from an article by two men who are primarily journalists but who have degrees in biomedicine:

    “COVID-19 isn’t the first infectious disease scientists have modeled—Ebola and Zika are recent examples—but never has so much depended on their work. Entire cities and countries have been locked down based on hastily done forecasts that often haven’t been peer reviewed.

    “It has suddenly become very visible how much the response to infectious diseases is based on models,” Wallinga says. For the modelers, “it’s a huge responsibility,” says epidemiologist Caitlin Rivers of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, who co-authored a report about the future of outbreak modeling in the United States that her center released yesterday.”

    “Because the virus that causes COVID-19 is new, modelers need estimates for key model parameters. These estimates, particularly in the early days of an outbreak, also come from the work of modelers.

    “Policymakers have relied too heavily on COVID-19 models, says Devi Sridhar, a global health expert at the University of Edinburgh. “I’m not really sure whether the theoretical models will play out in real life.” And it’s dangerous for politicians to trust models that claim to show how a little-studied virus can be kept in check, says Harvard University epidemiologist William Hanage. “It’s like, you’ve decided you’ve got to ride a tiger,” he says, “except you don’t know where the tiger is, how big it is, or how many tigers there actually are.”

    Where have I been reading about the limitations of computer models, the dangers of basing public policy on untested or non-peer-reviewed computer models, or about how some models don’t use real numbers taken from real testing, but just results from other computer models?

    If I remember the site, I’ll comment with an URL. ;-)

  9. Also who knew Northern Italy and Wuhan were so interconnected via the textile trade – with direct flights and a whole load of Wuhanians (?) living in the Northern towns most affected . Visit the Quadrant website if you are interested and Read “ logic is the first casualty “

  10. GeologyJim says:

    We will miss you here in the Boulder area, Tony, but I can understand the attraction of Kearney NB and (later) the Cheyenne area of WY. Not many hill climbs for a hard-core cyclist along the Platte River drainage, but you’ve been compensated with the Sand Hill Cranes!

    Your cost of living has probably been reduced by half (my monthly donation will continue nonetheless)

    Cheers, and stay healthy!

  11. Robert Gipson says:

    Extremely interesting comments on this page, especially Rowland’s. Thanks.

  12. Peter Carroll says:

    It seems that Australia must have very clean air. We have officially recorded, as of today, 29 Mar 20, 3662 cases of COVID-19, and 16 deaths attributed to the virus.
    Therefore, our mortality rate is 0.43%, or, our survival rate is just above 95.5%.
    All our toilet paper hoarders must be feeling really stupid by now.

    • spike55 says:

      I heard of people trying to sell toilet paper back to Woolies and Coles, at above cost price.. DOH !!!

      Must have rooms full of it. A lifetime supply ;-)

    • Philippa Westerman says:

      Yes, we do generally. And most of us don’t live in tenement buildings, often with sub-standard plumbing, but in detached houses with generous back and front yards. Speaking of plumbing Dr John Campbell, whose YT channel I have been following since this whole thing started, said the virus can be transmitted via the plumbing as aerosol droplets, and suggested putting the toilet seat down before flushing!

  13. CheshireRed says:

    A similar misdirection is taking place here in the UK.

    Government have launched their Net Zero war on ‘carbon’ yet also want to ban hybrid engine technology, one of the few ‘green’ advances that actually works. If they kept hybrid they’d have zero low-speed emissions and much cleaner urban air but supported with ICE for range, reliability and crucially, re-charging electric engines.

    That would remove the need for thousands of EV charging points across the country, costing many billions. This concept is obviously too simple for politico’s to grasp so naturally they’ve gone for the hideously expensive EV charging route.

    This is to supplement their futile lead policy of ‘decarbonisation’. Vanity, ego and personal legacy politics wins out yet again on non-issues over solutions that address and solve actual problems.

  14. jb says:

    I wonder then if this will hit Santiago Chile hard too, as their air is very dirty too due to temperature inversion, especially in their winter which comes ion 2 months.

  15. John Brown says:

    thanks for the chart Tony; this is very good: I saw an ESA twitter with very similar

    most of those dying in Italy, are very old, with several serious ongoing illnesses

    68% of all the deaths; have occurred in the small region of Lombardy: centered on Milan;
    ……….. 17% of I’s population live there:

  16. John Brown says:

    from a recent blog: A recent article points out the person who has done the “model” on which so much believed; was responsible for the models that led the UK to slaughter over 10 million animals after a foot and mouth outbreak; there was much bitter recrimination after that: this long report details a thoughtful analysis .. even to skim over the first few pages is very interesting; enclosed are some comments on this person’s model from a book called “Risk Intelligence”

  17. Phil. says:

    As of today Colorado has had 48 deaths, doubling every 2-3 days so expect them to reach 100 soon. So far 5 cases in Buffalo, NE, good luck!

  18. Richard C. Skidmore says:
    All is revealed when you know that VIT C cures this and all viruses, and it’s likely that China’s use of same is what stopped their pandemic. All this medical martial law falls away if there’s a cheap ez cure…

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