How Many Ventilators Would That Have Bought?

How many tens of millions of people will lose their jobs because Andrew Cuomo chose to pursue “climate change” rather than do his job as governor?

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  1. Bill says:

    Good point that is often lost – the opportunity cost of having government focus on irrelevant and useless debating, lawmaking and public spending to fend off a non-existent climate crisis.

  2. Greg W Smith says:

    The left won’t care so long as he shouts loud enough that Trump didn’t give them to him free, even though he was supposed to buy they himself.

  3. Gator says:

    As has been pointed out by many economists , we have more than enough money to solve the problems that money can solve. The problem is gross mismanagement, and fraud. Tilting at windmills (so to speak) is not helping.

  4. Susan cooper says:

    And how many N95 masks could Obummer bought after the 2009 swine flu that used hundreds of thousands from the National Supply? Normal Demorat take care of me and the hell with the little people.

  5. Mrs. Cathy Norman says:

    Thank you for keeping up the pressure on politicians who seem to care more about pork than people. I pray for your perseverance despite the trials. God bless you.

  6. Tom says:

    Tony, Please get your numbers brain in on this China Bat Virus Hysteria.
    Lets assume New York is the US epicenter as proclaimed by Cuomo today 3/27. If the mortality rate as currently reported is 519 deaths and the confirmed cases is currently 44,635 the rate is 1.16%. But Cuomo said today in his briefing that 80% of all cases will self resolve with mild or no symptoms without a hospital visit. If they are self resolved without a hospital visit isn’t that in addition to the 44.6k, who have or have had the virus? The death number doesnt change so the Actual Mortality rate is closer to .23% ! What did I miss?

  7. Paul Ilott says:

    Progressisves shouldn’t underestimate how the Green movement will use the pandemic to push their agenda. The obvious argument that pandemics are more dangerous mild global warming wont wash with greens. In the UK cuddly reactionary envoronemntalist David Attenborough has already stated that Covid-19 doesn’t bother him because climate because it is nothing compared to the milions that could be killed by climate change. Miserable deep green Goerge Monbiot writing in the Guardian is relishing the idea that nature is beating modernity and therfore we need to have an even more cautionary approach to the environment. Other greens are arguing that now we have managed with less travel, less commuting and less flying then these trends must be maintained when considering future investments and develeopment Our side needs to prepare good arguments now, in preperation for the battle ahead after the crisis if we are to defend economic growth and progress.

    • Gator says:

      Nobody is dying from climate change, but millions are being starved to death every year by climate activists.

      If we have not learned anything else, we should have learned that whatever the left accuses us of doing, they are doing on steroids. CAGW is Genocide.

  8. Russ Fleetwood says:

    Tony has changed my view on people more than views in the end. I understand now that you must not trust the government or their well paid scientific charlatan authorities.
    Imagine Heller in charge of NOAA . Forcing them to use the real data to predict future climate events. He would spend more time firing climate modelers than working on projects. The make believe data would be flushed and we could get to real conversation about climate. Tony never strays from the study of history to analyze future problems or non problems upcoming. The future of climate is done with outcomes from make believe past by sleight of hand. Thank you for setting the record straight.

  9. At some point, someone has to determine the typical cost per kilowatt hour of electricity generated by alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. (I refuse to call them renewable because there is nothing renewable about them.)

    When faced with the facts, people will be, I suspect, disappointed to find that energy produced by these means is many times more than the cost of nuclear or coal fired energy. Tony, because you are excellent at ferreting out facts and well qualified in this field, it would be most helpful if you could, at some time in what I’m sure is a very busy life, investigate this and inform the public of the true cost of alternative energy (including the cost of compensating for its unreliability and its disruptive effect on base load generating facilities).

    Add to the above the reality the earth’s atmosphere is gradually cooling and and that CO2 has no appreciable effect in terms of warming the earth’s atmosphere, any sensible person would come to the conclusion the socialist political elite, who have such a grip on public opinion at the moment, are very stupid people; dangerous to the prosperity of Western society and our children’s future.

  10. Gerald Machnee says:

    You cannot fix stupid. I expect the extremists will resume their nonsense after this is over.

    • rah says:

      They haven’t stopped with their nonsense! They’re trying to equate this pandemic with climate change and promoting the idea that global central government is needed to combat such problems.

  11. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    Perhaps the correct metric is how many people will (not might) die because when they get to the hospital after a heart attack, there is no capacity, no staff and no equipment?

    The survival rate will from from 80% to less than 20%. So whatever else is chalked up, add half a million of those as well.

    They have also banned new natural gas connections, right? There will be consequences for that as well.

  12. rah says:

    Ha! So all this time Cuomo has been whining about ventilators and we have been seeing stories about the requirement for those machines to be shared among patients, NY has had 1,000 of the machines in a warehouse!

    What a bag of excrement this guys is. I almost hope the dems do dump Biden for this guy at their “convention”.

    And BTW great short video that helps explain one big reason why NYC is now ground zero for Covid-19 :


  13. John F. Hultquist says:

    The mayor of NYC is also an idiot.
    [See Tucker Carlson]
    “NY’s leaders more worried at first about being called racist than coronavirus threat”

  14. Unfortunately the small group of people focusing on the climate-change religion and its mission to obliterate science will now have to ratchet up the understanding of just how intense the “battle” is. The wheels of forced change have been turning for a long time as this article and interconnection points alludes to if one takes the time to see how they connect. No, I am not as good as Tony; not even close but it is interesting to try to think for oneself. The NYT article talks about tracking the virus, but there’s another company in the background tracking.

    Considering Johns Hopkins University, they get a lot of press around the world for their work tracking the virus, which does show the USA’s affinity for tracking data and how non backwards we really are, but there is indeed an old company founded in 1969 behind their quick success: ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) of California (link below). That’s easy to track even from your couch because the university website links you to their software off campus. So, the question arises, who is this unsung hero of the day with exactly the right product at the right time for which a university is taking the credit? Since the company ESRI has developed this perfect software allowing governments and entities to plot commercial segments and outbreaks of viruses one would assume they would be more in the forefront of our adulation and praise. But they don’t appear to want that. Because someone might ask a question, like how long people have known since 1969 that something like this would happen and that’s quite a few republican and democrat administrations that would have ignored the data. And, since foreign governments are showcasing Johns Hopkins as well, it would appear that “dumb America” is not so dumb after all. Cheers.

    p.s. This is my favorite quote “In 1989, the Esri Conservation Program was started to help change the way nonprofit organizations carried out missions of nature conservation and social change. This program provides GIS software, data, and training, as well as helping to coordinate multiorganizational efforts.”

    The cool thing about their software offerings is you can track this awful virus to better understand how to react and improve country to country interaction on the one side and see how energy providers go down the tubes on the other due to rock bottom prices! Yes, they do sell software to oil companies. As one oil and coal producing nation after another goes into near bankruptcy the forced climate-change legislation being pushed as a requirement to get money to keep the various countries afloat will cause the social change mentioned in the quote above. Is that a good thing? Time will tell, but it is interesting to see how intricate game-board pieces can fit together. One could argue that your top tier oil company desires the environmental legislation which the climate-change movement has demanded because that could bring stable and high oil prices which is highly beneficial for top tier oil companies and the added money governments could take in would help elevate the average human too. See, the bad oil companies are not so bad after all. A win/win solution. Let’s just hope our freedom is not the price we have to pay to get it.

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