Costa Rica Bans Going To The Beach

I took my Costa Rica trip just in time. They banned going to the beach, because the Pacific Ocean isn’t big enough for social distancing.

Stab Magazine | Shots Fired: Costa Rican Pro Arrested For Surfing, Kelly Slater Inadvertently Comes To His Defense

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18 Responses to Costa Rica Bans Going To The Beach

  1. G W Smith says:

    Incredible! The reaction to this virus is becoming insane.

    • Disillusioned says:

      That’s not a reaction to the virus. The virus is a scapegoat for fascists to test martial law.

      • Mick davis says:

        Communists, comrade, communists …
        Franco and Mussolini were the last well known examples.
        The NDSAP were socialists, contrary to constant, false and unending leftist professor spin from the 1940s onwards.
        Actual stand-alone Fascism is rare outside socialist/communist regimes.
        There, it is hidden under other names. “Programs” I believe they often call them.

  2. The same is happening on Brazilian beaches, but more subtly. Helicopters hover over and sandblast laissez-faire miscreants.

  3. Robertv says:

    But we are allowed to go to the same food stores and use the same metro and bus.

    Not a lot of social distancing by those SS officers. But like in the extermination camps they are just following orders.

    Remember most did not become a police officer because they’re smart. Smart people do productive work.

    • Tel says:

      Who issues those orders?

      Why would a government in Brazil and another in Costa Rica implement the same useless policies at the same time? Who is pulling the strings on these morons?

  4. Mark Amey says:

    Just like Sydney.

  5. Phil says:

    A serious risk to whom? Give a bureaucrat some power and a gun; what do you have?
    Look out world.

  6. Mike says:

    It is time. Time to choose. Human dignity or slaves to the evil scum. Global Spartacus.

  7. Leslie Ibrahim says:

    Seems rather ironic in that photo, that the surfer is arrested for surfing due to social distancing measures but how much social distancing are the police practicing in his arrest?

  8. Richard says:

    You all speak as if you know what goes on in Costa Rica. How is that possible? Are there? Have you spent any serious time there?

    We have. We have now been here 3+ months, this trip. We built a house in the zona sur way down on the Pacific coast. Been coming here LOTS since 2005 and built in 2012.

    There is plenty of coast, but surprising little beach access in our area. The mountains here come right down to the coast and much of it is cliffs or rocks. Further North there are miles and mile of beach, but that adjoins private land and there is NO access.

    Upcoming in another week or so is Easter Week, called Semana Santa here. The native Costa Ricans aka Ticos go crazy during that week. 100’s of thousands of them pile into their ancient 2 wheel drive cars, mattresses, coolers, chairs, tarps, etc piled on top, inside and they all CROWD onto the beaches.

    We generally go to the beach most every day, it’s a 20 minutes ride down the mountain, but it’s well worth it. We never go near the beaches during Semana Santa. It’s just not a pleasant place to be, unless you’re a Tico and then, that’s what you love.

    I guarantee there will be many who do not heed the warning and there will be LOTS of police turning them away, fining them if they don’t pay heed to the regulations. Then about another 2+ weeks later, the ban will be lifted. Although one of the Ticos I know says they won’t lift the ban for 2 months. WDIK ?

  9. Gamecock says:

    Seems like anti-social distancing.

    • Robertvd says:

      Exactly. They don’t want We The People enjoy our short life. Progressives are neurotic depressive people and can’t enjoy/love . They hate it that we can and will do anything to make life miserable.

      Progressives have no friends only enemies.

  10. Thaipixie says:

    Last time I was in Costa Rica the beaches were empty…. you could not congregate…

  11. Fruitloops says:

    Surfers were arrested two weeks ago in Peru… here the social media was flooded with videos os people getting arrested… surfers, dog walkers, people in parks… all were filmed and then released by the authorities o scare the sheeple and since then i haven’t seen anyone on the street on our daily walks (as we break the law).

    This has nothing to do with the virus. Even the talking head in the US promoting the lockdowns published a paper in the new england journal of medicine the other day stating it appeared like a severe influenza season with 0.1% mortality and not a SARS or MERS event. This is his postevent get out of jail free card.

    If people don’t wake up and resist, they’ll make up more trash for those connected to television so it will persist.

  12. nfw says:

    Costa Rica. Nasty little corrupt country owned by China. Of course surfing on their dirty little beaches would be bad; imagine all the viruses from fresh water mammals living in a salt-filled environment. It’s a case of “that’s what all the big countries are doing we so had better do it too to prove how good we are”.

  13. Dahveed says:

    Yes this is complete crap. I just read that in Australia, police on dirt bikes were patrolling the woods. You can hike, but not fish, camp, or hunt. Why does it matter as long as your social distancing?

    In my neck of the woods, what passes for essential services is simply shocking. Lawn care for example is an essential service. So is construction. Businesses are lobbying out leaders to ensure they’re essential. Sprint stores are open here to provide repairs. Apple stores are not. Apple repairs many hundreds times more phones than Sprint does.

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