New Video : Climate Alarmism Kills

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  1. czechlist says:

    I have family who work at DFW International airport Terminal D- the international terminal. Their company service(d) almost all of the international carriers including cleaning cabins. They are unaware of anyone working in that terminal who has contracted COVID-19. Carriers have cancelled fights and employees are desperate for work and willing to service any international flight to no avail.
    No grocery store employee nor any retail store employee in my area has reported any COVID-19 illness and they have been bravely working through it all.
    My old employer (“largest defense contractor in the world”) has 3000 employees (local) on site with many who travel. I talked to an engineer in one of the labs I managed – no report of illness at local facility or any of the 17 plants in the Enterprise or the Corporation – which spreads across the NA Continent.
    I pray for everyone’s health; but, I am a cynic (from cause) and I wonder.

  2. Bob Tisdale says:

    Thanks, Tony, for including the interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.

    Stay safe and healthy,

  3. ivan zlax says:

    The LockStep scenario was launched just because Greta wasn’t good at her target:
    Note, that pandemic was planned 8 years ago in this Rockefeller Center report.

    In the year of the ending of Kyoto protocol:
    Kyoto Protocol extended to 2020 to fight climate change
    Published: 12:00am, 9 Dec, 2012

    But that year, the newagers diverted humanity’s attention to the “time wave zero 2012”, and globalists quietly extended this neocolonial agreement for 8 years. During a year of active tour Greta clearly showed that the extension of the Kyoto Protocol in this year will not be possible, mankind has become a little wiser over the years, and therefore was launched the delayed scenario, prepared for the previous end of the Kyoto Protocol.

  4. ivan zlax says:

    Screenshot from Rocfellers Center&GBN report

  5. Volker Wieland says:

    Hello Tony, many thanks for sharing your knowledge. This open letter to A. Merkel has just been uploaded. Best wishes from Germany, Volker Wieland

  6. Tom Lach says:

    More Hysteria brought to you by Climate Modelers.

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