Greta Suffering Attention Deficit Disorder

Greta is upset that she isn’t getting any attention, and has latched on to the latest hysteria to try to get people to pay attention to her.

Greta Thunberg Says She And Her Father Likely Had The Coronavirus | The Daily Caller

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25 Responses to Greta Suffering Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. Peter Carroll says:

    Is this another of her “unscripted” moments?
    Gerta Dumberg couldn’t possibly have something so gauche, as a, common cold.
    No testing, but she “knows”, it is “extremely likely”, she contracted the latest celebrity disease.
    Hasn’t her media mob told her that, COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and not, a mental disorder?
    They shouldn’t let her out by herself, especially when reporters are near.

  2. Cam says:

    Like everything that comes out of this twit’s mouth, she’s making claims with zero proof and the media suck it up.

  3. Gerald Machnee says:

    Isn’t this after she complained that the virus was getting more attention than climate?

  4. Stewart Pid says:

    Did u see the fetal alcohol syndrome reference in a u tube? about 8 seconds in

  5. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    The Greta phenomenon is over. Greta hype is past its sell dat.

    When the dust settles on this very avoidable virus crisis, she will be ignored. Along with her fellow-travelers and other non-essential services. Like would-be “Climate-Seers” posing as scientists…

  6. arn says:

    She does not have the Coronavirus.

    Someone who can see CO2 molecules
    should have no problems to see a virus with the genom size of 27-32000 RNA’s.
    And every single NRA is significantly bigger than a CO2 molecule.

  7. G W Smith says:

    It’s become a badge of honor.

  8. JMS Martins says:

    Her coronavirus infection as “extremely likely” as AGW?…

  9. lance says:

    didn’t Roy Spencer show an IPCC graph showing ‘likely’, ‘extremely likely’ etc as the graphs departed further and further from the truth!

    it was ‘extremely likely’ I had a ‘mild’ cold while I was in Phoenix, as I had a bit of a cough and sore throat….but maybe covid-19….I guess we will never know!

  10. Janet Marshall says:

    Oh! dear, how sad, NOT. Maybe it was them that spread it around the world then. Has she thought of that? Terrorising kids and adults with her own fears then spreading a so called ‘deadly’ virus. HOW DARE SHE.

  11. Oztruthseeker says:

    Greta and her father may have been infected by coronavirus but that just makes it even more ridiculous that she still thinks the (non-existant) climate emergency is the most important thing or even anything at all, by still calling for (online with social distancing) climate protests from her followers.

  12. Graeme No.3 says:

    About as reliable as her other outbursts.

  13. Rah says:

    Her time has passed. People can only take so much scolding from an uneducated teenage sick puppet.

  14. TimA says:

    Good God!!! Could a premature Viking funeral be arranged for those two?!!

  15. “Well, your honor has the right to hope.” –Clarence Darrow at Dayton, Tennessee Monkey Trial

  16. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I don’t know if you chaps in the wild west ever heard our skiffle star Lonnie Donegan, but he had a successful record here on Pirate Island called Putting on the Style. It’s on YouTube and well worth a listen, lyrically at least. It’s about teenage angst sixty years ago when it was not feted by world leaders but treated as what it is, understandable growing pains we’ve all had the rather embarrassing experience of going through. “Putting on the agony, putting on the style. That’s what all the young folk are doing all the while” etc. It fits so well with little Greta, not the attractivest climate activist, but I get an unpleasant feeling she has a certain appeal to some. The whole business reminds me of Summer Time Blues ~”I’m gonna take my problem to the United Nations” Who would have thought then that teen angst would have been seriously considered by that august body?

  17. Disillusioned says:

    I think she has a virus alright; the kind that causes diarrhea of the mouth.

  18. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    Lotsa people likely had Coronavirus. Which one?

  19. Margaret Smith says:

    I noticed this and had a laugh and, of course, there are now desperate attempts to link the virus to Climate Change.
    I am seriously worried by the panicked reaction to this new flu in UK. The economy will be badly damaged and be a far more serious problem causing many more deaths.

    Good Josh cartoon in WUWT

  20. Streetcred says:

    Greta is truly miraculous !

    h/t Paul Homewood

  21. Logic n Reason says:

    Greta who….?

  22. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Only for 50 minutes.

    Greta’s Latest Miracle

  23. nfw says:

    Look at me, look at me.

  24. Nigel Sherratt says:

    Attention Starvation Syndrome perhaps? “Donald Trump don’t trust Greta, Greta is assh**”

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