Climate Alarmists Celebrate Tyranny

Climate alarmism has always been about tyranny, and taking away your freedom and money.  Now they’re being quite open about it. They want people under house arrest permanently.

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33 Responses to Climate Alarmists Celebrate Tyranny

  1. Charles Higley says:

    Wow, these people has no idea how the world works nor where what they eat and the structure they live in comes from. They do not think any critical supplies will run short after we used current supplies and stocks?

    You cannot go three minutes without air, three days without food, and three weeks without food. Add to that, an economy cannot go three months without productivity—people would seriously begin to die, not counting the suffering..

  2. G W Smith says:

    Now we have totalitarianism knocking on our door with two hammers at once. So far the door is still holding. But we also have a fifth column inside beside us feigning defense.

  3. DCA says:

    I guess “employment” would be one of those “fripperies” we can do without, huh?

  4. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Everything these sleesy morons have done is to increase humans CO2 output.

    I have used a paper bag for my weekly shopping nearly a year now, remember a paper bag must be reused 43 times to have the same “carbon footprint” as a plastic bag. It is rather disgusting by now, and my microbiology educated sister have told me several times that paper bags is one of the major spreaders of viruses and bacteria in the public space. I had to stop myself due to naughtychinamanvirus, otherwise I would have continued.

    Today I tried to buy plastic straws at in Swedistan, they had none, only metal straws. With 1000 times the CO2 output. But only 100 times the cost… A great deal?

    They are trying to kill us, and they always did. The new thing is that many ordinary people are in on it to.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    In the late 1700s, Malthus had a personal vision of calamity. Too many people and not enough food.
    History has disproved this, but his concerns were believed by too many in the British bureaucracy. And it prevailed for a long time.
    With the dreadful Irish potato famine of the 1840s, some in “Whitehall” considered that that reduction in population was a blessing.
    It would prevent the looming threat from getting even bigger.
    And the same callous views were uttered with a severe famine in India in the 1890s.
    Haven’t the time to cite sources from the book I have, but I’ve seen mention in Wiki.

  6. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    Clueless, pampered consumerists – who have no knowledge of history. Unaware that the privileges we all (in the West) enjoy were fought with the blood of our ancestors.

    Send them to a Warmist paradise like N Korea.

  7. Janet Marshall says:

    Haha wait for the boredom to set in, the frustration at keeping the kids occupied, the arguments starting, money problems kicking in, food shortages because everyone is stuck inside, sickness from lack of sun and fresh air, then there’ll be the inevitable baby boom in nine months time. And they’re fretting about a virus. Get out the popcorn and a comfy chair for what’s to come.

  8. Commies best chance to mess up all of us since 1969
    Gore was throwing his fake earned medals away
    Bernie spitting on Vets
    200th Celebration of One Nation Under God ended there real chance at takeover.
    As the Flu fades hope the phonies do to….
    During first 50 years of Communism on just Russia & China killed 3 million a year
    That is a Virus to take seriously and END

  9. Glyn Tucker says:

    What’s the point of sacrificing our lifestyles, that our forefathers built up over many centuries, if we discover that our minimalist existence makes no difference to the temperatures around the globe? The current Covid-19 crisis may prove once and for all what lies the climate alarmists have been feeding us.

  10. Dave N says:

    “If we can do it for 3 months we can do it forever..”

    We should let anyone who thinks this do this completely on their own, then report back in 3 months. In fact, why have they not done this already (in an honest fashion) to prove that it would work?

  11. Scarface says:

    Do these people really think money grows on trees? When a real depression follows this Corona hysteria the last thing people want is expensive energy. Morons.

  12. Martin says:

    Words fail me… these people are insane or brain damaged…

  13. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    I wonder if these pundits have a clue as to where their food comes from.

    Lockdowns have come nowhere near three months yet, and when they do the human spirit will not allow an indefinite extension of anything.

  14. Mike Fahey says:

    Of course I can’t help but see the possible link between tyranny and the present lock down. I hope my suspicions are unfounded but … fishy, no?

  15. Henry Buser says:

    Sir you should write a book about the errors used in the claims of climate change. I especially have appreciated how you show that they have gone back and changed the old data and also use estimated data. Maybe you could have a chapter for each trick they use.
    Please keep up the good work.

  16. Randy Rivera says:

    The skies of Los Angeles have been beautiful lately. Blue skies, no contrail haze, and white cumulous clouds. I don’t worry about CO2 at all. Plants eat it up and grow. The power-grabbers create these crises to keep us in fear so they can control us. The cure is exponentially worse than the disease. Always. Now, here we go again.

    Thank you Tony Heller for your wonderful work!!!

  17. Steven Parker says:

    Right. Things are going swimmingly during the lockdown. Only 3.2 million people lost their jobs last week. In 3 months nobody will have a job. It will be great.

  18. Hotwire says:

    I saw a pink elephant hence all elephants are pink. A pandemic as a crisis does not legitimize all claims for alarm or all acclamations of a crisis.
    We have had over 30 years to prepare for a climate that hasn’t changed. It’s been a painful and expensive hoax that has become an obsession for some who can’t admit to the reality that nothing has happened. The same droughts and floods and sea level that we with a memory and whom can read, have always known.
    Alarm over Covid19 is justified because we’re not prepared and the situation has changed quickly. We will know what was justified and what wasn’t in hindsight and maybe it will be more joy than sorrow.

  19. George Davidson says:

    They seem to not realize that most people have to go to work.They aren’t independently wealthy or on welfare .
    The economy is going to take a big hit with this slow down

    • Russ Wood says:

      Even on welfare, that fund has got to be supplied by workers who are paid. And they’ll only get paid if the employers are paid. Etc., etc….. Down here in South Africa, those who know are worried just what will happen when the current lock-down is finally ended. Will there be any jobs left? Only very large companies can afford to keep going with no income, and small companies (the majority of employers) will have gone to the wall. Our ANC government is so clueless, by the time the pandemic has passed, there will be nothing left to tax. And they are not even THINKING about it yet!

  20. Chris Cordle says:

    Oh boy, these economically challenged individuals are going to have a rude awakening in a few months when they realize that unlimited helicopter money from the Fed will not save them. Without a powerful and functioning economy (dependent on fossil fuels and energy) to sustain life, a great number of people will suffer and tensions will predictably rise as a result, leading to all sorts of unpredictable consequences…including war, poverty, crime, etc.

  21. Robert Gipson says:

    Fermi to Dyson: “How many parameters did you use for the (curve) fitting?”
    1:40 – 2:10 @

  22. nattystyle says:

    Nothing scares these people more than their own mortality. It’s sad really.

  23. rah says:

    But they’re losing. They have started to censor the POTUS on TV and increasing their censorship of his supporters on social media and that is a clear sign they’re losing this battle.

    Meanwhile every single day we’ve been subjected to full coverage of the Governor of NY whining about shortages of everything. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m sick and tired of seeing Andrew Cuomo piss and moan. Nothing the Federal government sends to NY is enough. He denies all responsibility for the shortages he claims they’re experiencing even though he has wasted billions of dollars on climate change BS over the years, governed over the worst decline of the states tax base in it’s history, and refused to fund projects to prepare NYC for just such an emergency. This despite the fact that there is no place in the country more susceptible to an epidemic/pandemic than NYC. So much for the supposed superior toughness and sophistication of New Yorkers.

  24. Michael says:

    I love posts like this. For a while no comments showed up. Was WordPress blocking them? Many are moving from WP to a private server.

    Armchair socialists (voters, MSM, trolls, propagandists) are always, always shocked that fun, comfort, SECURITY and THEIR FUNDING disappear when socialism “triumphs” (ie capital and markets destroyed).

    But there is palpable fear among America’s left. Most of them actually believe the lies socialism presented to them, but those ideals are now in disarray:

    Public transportation halted.
    Open Borders… are not.
    Greta is grounded.
    Countries have halted green programs, such as China ending wind/solar projects
    e-Car production/development stops. Tesla crashes 50pct, factories closed.
    Incomes destroyed, pensions gone.
    Loss of movement, travel and all liberties except eating
    Leftists’ much ballyhooed human rights… are gone. All of them.
    Elites can’t fly to their island getaways
    Gov jobs are suddenly in danger, and gov pensions just vaporized.
    Universities and professors are in a panic
    State tax revenues crashing
    UN’s socialist 2020 Olympics (and billions in revs) – gone.
    Leftist propaganda publications’ advertising revs crash, layoffs!
    TV stars shaking as revenues buckle, whole networks on the brink
    Freemasons’ businesses on the rocks, country clubs closed
    Cartels and mercantilists lose their supply chain, and their clients
    Crypto / Bitcoin has humiliatingly crashed (what, no intrinsic value?!)
    World’s 5 largest oil traders (Switzerland) – likely blown up, 50pct crash
    Squid network mega banks have blown (ready for digital currency unveiling)
    EU physical gold sales white hot, ATMs smoking as cash pulled
    (Banks were prepared: reported semi-trucks of cash on hand 3 months ago)
    99% of bankers will be forever jobless; 10s of 1000s already given notice
    (under digital money there will be no bankers, only IT dept / human profiling)
    Big Hollywood in panic, big productions halt filming
    Gigantic sports cash flow gone forever. Owners and arrogant players both in shock
    Communist / military spy networks’ funding crashes (google, iphone, facebook et al)
    Fat corporate board seats in danger (there aren’t any under socialism)
    Elite hotel chains are finished… as in the USSR, GDR, and now, Venezuela.
    Big box US China stores are finished, their factory slaves can finally rest.
    Elizabeth Warren is grounded.

    But, socialism always gets canned by the generation that lost their money and jobs. So, knowing this, the UN’s hard-core communist chief (president of Marx’s “Third International”), is likely to keep corona down to a mellow 9-11 level, to continue the US slide into banker-mercantilist-dominated socialism. Hence, the 1,100 page “emergency” congress law which nobody has read (again!) How many months ago do you think that bill was written? Years? Was the next election already canned months ago? Is that why Dems are okay with a senile pedophile as candidate?

    Today the UK false prophet who forecasted 2.2 million dead in the US (causing Trump’s partial lockdown), retracted his forecast today, saying whoops – it was off by 95%. UK downgraded corona today, as well. Turns out it is just a flu, like the 2009 H1N1 swine flu, except far less contagious and less deadly (US 60m cases, 12k deaths, no lockdown). To be fair, there are some hard cases, but they seemed confined to 5G hot spots. Did you know corona has the same symptoms as severe flu? Check a tower map to see if your home / job is within a few 100 feet, and act accordingly. Switzerland has the highest density 5G rollout worldwide, and the highest corona-case ratio.

    Corona also is about keeping the public from hearing about the blowup of the entire US and world mega banks / derivatives. Alone in the US, over 3 TRILLION was printed (stolen from gullible Americans) in just the last 10 days to postpone the closure of all banks and the end of the US dollar.. or was it just the biggest heist in human history? Look up Federal Reserve + helicopter + trillion. In comparison, corona is a trifle. But it worked, because Google & Co has kept 99.9% of the public from hearing about it. See for some real financial shockers (and of course some propaganda, as with every blog…)

    • Gator says:

      As with many other conspiracy theories, the supposed 5G coronavirus connection came from uninformed people on the internet trying to link things that are not at all connected.

      • Michael says:

        Last year Trump banned Huawei, especially 5G tech, from the U.S. and urgently warned Europe to do the same. The communist head of Huawei was trapped in Canada by Trump, and now we know why. And that’s why Trump is so confident this will be over in normal flu time. But why is China’s Huawei the only international 5G corp he distrusts?

        Coronavirus has now been completely debunked as a hoax by the Italian Health Ministry and medical reports from Italy and Switzerland this week. Italy officially states: only ONE PERCENT or less of DEATHS are fully attributable to coronavirus. The other 99pc had severe chronic, death-threatening illnesses such as late-stage cancer. This is killer (if you read Italian):

        And a Swiss doctor just released a full report based on all available cases and data, and concluded it’s as a very mild flu, and that the “case” numbers are medically irrelevant. So take the MSM’s Italy “deaths” and reduce it by 99%. Then compare it to Italy’s normal seasonal flu deaths: 1.5 million cases, 23,000 dead. Anyone afraid of corona either has a low IQ or no internet connection.
        Swiss Dr. report in English:
        and German:

        This is interesting because it proves all the pre-lockdown reports that already called it a hoax in February. For example: “Corona Virus Fakery and the Link to 5G Testing” (Feb.12):

        Pompeo, next to Trump, just said yesterday on national TV (CNN et al) that “We’re in a LIVE EXERCISE here.” Trump can be heard saying, “You should have let us know.” I’ve already mentioned the coronavirus simulations in October, one of which was in the “hardest hit” American city, New York.

        Health symptoms of 5G microwaves are so similar to flu that they are difficult to initially diagnose. In Holland a test of 5G dropped 1,000s of birds out of the sky. It is now halted by a temporary court order. In Switzerland so many people got sick (months before corona) that several regions have gotten a temporary legal injunction to halt 5G rollout (eg Geneva). In California’s San Joaquin Co, the 5G tower was removed from an elementary’s school’s campus after a wave of student and staff cancer cases.

        All corona hotspots had corresponding world-leading 5G rollouts. Wuhan rolled out just weeks before. Cruise ships are 5G. Most of the U.S. has no corona, and no 5G, but US corona hot spots rolled out 5G at the same time as corona showed up (ie SanFran, NYC). Today Trump said the lockdowns are unnecessary. But the powerful radical communist element in America wants a lockdown and the end of the Republic. Will they get it?

        Ookla has a good world map of 5G provider activations (notice Switzerland is by far the worst in Europe); Iran has the only real 5G rollout in the Mideast; and Israel has banned 5G! (hmmm):

        Within Switzerland, 100% of corona hotspots are 5G saturated. Oh so obvious. The regions without 5G (rural) have no statistically significant corona wave. US 5G cities have much higher rates already than Switzerland, and its just getting started. I’m not saying it’s proof, but it’s more than coincidental so ignore it at your own peril. Tom McCain died from a massive tumor the exact size of his cellphone on that side of his face. 5G is far more powerful and deadly. It even kills nearby trees.

        Did you not know? 5G was developed by and for the military. GPS was also developed by the military in WWII using 3 or more towers to locate, track and destroy the enemy (GPS does NOT use satellites). The main GPS use today is to track and profile and rate citizens’ submission to the State. In China GPS is used as a martial law device. With 5G towers combined with 5G phones, a single individual can be targeted. Or a drone can be sent to spray him (see U.S. mil drone usage).

        During corona, all govs are suddenly allowed by “emergency military law” to fully track all phones/computers 24/7 for shelter-in-place compliance. Tens of 1,000s of people can now watch you in real time or call up your past history, find out your political views, read your emails, and find out when to send a thug over to rob your house while you’re out shopping.

        Swiss gov has the world’s only detailed national 5G map. You can zoom in and even identify the exact building where it’s mounted, GPS coords, and licensed power level (low, medium and high). In the U.S. this data is a secret. Don’t you wonder why? The most dense 5G area in Switzerland is Geneva, where 1,000s of sick people have organized to fight the government for a complete ban. After the Italian region, Geneva is the worst for “coronavirus”. Here’s the 5G map:,,ch.bakom.mobil-antennenstandorte-gsm,ch.bakom.mobil-antennenstandorte-umts,ch.bakom.mobil-antennenstandorte-lte&catalogNodes=403,408&layers_visibility=true,false,false,false,false&E=2666375.50&N=1192462.66&zoom=2

        How to know if you have 5G flu, 5G syndrome, or Coronavirus?

        Hollywood has made many predictive programming films on pandemics in recent years, including Toxic Skies (2008) starring Anne Heche, which I just rewatched today ( – in which a World Health official discovers the real cause of an epidemic is the government’s secret chem-trail program (spraying a virus). Except, it’s not so secret. There is a patent on coronavirus, and here is how it is delivered quickly to a specific region for a “sudden explosive outbreak”:

        If you know one of the 1,000s of military personnel and private suppliers involved with chemtrails, you can arrange your own personal tour of the equipment.

        By the way, JUST TODAY Trump signed law S.893, “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020”. It is supposed to keep China and other enemies from using America’s 5G network as a weapon against American citizens. Is Trump admitting that some US 5G service areas are NOT SECURE now?

        Get it? Coronavirus is a hoax. 5G is a deadly danger. No one needs 5G except to keep tabs on your house, or to run an e-car, or the trains (as Switzerland is planning to do). Oh, and to capture all activity in the room where your flat TV is, and live track all smart phone users. Oh, and to transfer all your photos from your camera, unless your’s has the “flight mode off” option.

        Mike Stone has a cool article: “How to Stop Worrying & Love the Hoax”:

        My wife and I have studied psychology and healing our entire lives. The number one worst destroyer of life and health is fear. It is therefore also the number one tactic used by Communist propagandists since 1848, and by the US MSM on a daily basis. Get rid of your TV, it’s killing you from the inside out. Go hiking. Watch videos on your computer if you need a slow withdrawal. But no news and no advertising. Conversations not texting.

        Enjoy. Live. Life.

    • rah says:

      What would have happened has Obama been in charge and this happened? Still by are the majority being hospitalized are aged and have pre-existing conditions. Remember this?

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