New Video : Sandhill Cranes

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  1. lance says:


  2. Gator says:

    Dad always loved the Sandhill Cranes, and looked forward to their Winter migration every year. One of his favorite paintings is of the Sandhills on Paynes Prairie. Their call, to me, sounds like ancient echo of a lost world.

  3. rockyt says:

    We just got the first Canada geese honkers in our area east of Edmonton (Alberta) yesterday, Mar 26. Not much open water here yet.
    And we always get the Sandhill cranes stopping later for a few days on their trip to the nesting areas further north.
    Our surest sign that summer is here is when the tough little humming birds come to our patio window looking their private feeder.
    That always happens around May 20 without fail.
    Great pictures Tony.

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