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Yesterday afternoon the mayor of Phoenix announced that all restaurants will close at 8PM that evening, so I drove to my old hangout in Tempe (The Chuckbox) and had dinner.  While I was there, I was talking on the phone to my one surviving friend from college. She is too afraid to leave the house, and suggested that I visit her daughter who worked at one of Scottsdale’s most popular restaurants – OSHO. I got to OSHO at 8:05 and her daughter told me that she had just been laid off, and that the restaurant was closing its doors.

Many people have this fantasy that life will return to normal in a few weeks, but the amount of damage being done to our society and the economy is much larger than most people seem to understand. We no longer have any guarantees of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – which is supposed to be the basis of our government,

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