New Video : How To Create A Worldwide Depression

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23 Responses to New Video : How To Create A Worldwide Depression

  1. G W Smith says:

    You’re too logical, Tony, and they don’t like that. As Yogi said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. They did and now we have.

  2. annieoakley says:

    The media finally crashed President Trump’s booming economy, wrecking all our attempts to get people working and enjoying life. Governors are taking a wrecking ball to state economies because they are so determined to control the population. Look at how easy it was. Get up in front of a microphone and decree. Easy as pie to take away the Constitutional rights of everyone in the state.

  3. Tim Spence says:

    Are they creating a world depression or a world Government?

  4. Annie Ashes says:

    Here’s a German pulmonologist speaking to the over-reaction around this situation, and the fact that testing is a farce. 10 minutes …

    and, as usual, Corbett lays it bare…

  5. Michael Spencer says:

    I have reached the same conclusion Tony, ill-informed as I am, but this COVID-19 panic bears all the same hallmarks as the “anthropogenic global cooling – Oops – now warming/climate change/disruption/weirdness/emergency/whatever-is-today’s-‘woke’-politically-correct-name-for-it” hysteria!

    And what’s behind climate alarmism? Well, what do you know? Political manipulation and money! Now, what’s changed since the similar manipulations of Comrade Josef Jughashvili in Russia or Herr Adolf Schicklgruber in Germany, with subsequent ‘population controls’ almost a century ago? Answer: Nothing!

    So, what’s likely to be behind COVID-19 alarmism? Is anything changed since Aldous Huxley wrote “Brave New World”, or Eric Blair (George Orwell) wrote “1984”, or Ira Levin wrote “This Perfect Day”, or Margaret Atwood wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale”? I suspect the same manipulation where a secret group of ‘elites’ rule the masses though fear/propaganda/police state tactics, etc.

    To quote from William Shakespeare: “O brave new world, that has such people in ‘t!”
    (So – who needs dystopian novels?)

    • Richard Alun says:

      This analysis is flawed. I am a big supporter of calm analysis but this is not. I am a big believer that climate science is largely junk. But on this topic you have it wrong. Heres why

      1. “The peak cases in USA were 70 in early March”. This is to be honest nonsense. If with the US’s pretty amateur testing regime, they are showing 2,858 new cases as of March 17 (the most recent data. I am a bit disappointed his graph seemed to suggest the number had peaked. This really is poor and terribly misleading).

      2. This ongoing comparison with the flue is just bogus. Flue death rate 0.1%. And if we are happy to quote the WHO on 0.1% it is not obvious why we then discount the WHO on its C19 numbers.

      3. On a comparable basis (and that’s important, if you discount C19 by changing the method you need to do the same with the flu number) the C19 number is 1-4%. Now I think there is a real chance that the C19 number might be 0.5% – 2% for reasons I wont bore people with here, but comparable analysis tells us that we are likely looking at x10 to x40. And so when the person says is that flue caused 30,000 deaths and that C19 deaths are much lower, this is breathtakingly silly. In case we hadn’t noticed, flue has been and gone. C19 is just arriving. I really don’t understand his statement that “C19 is not killing as many people as flu and therefore C19 is less deadly than the flu”. Maybe we should wait and find out! Maybe we should ask the Italian doctors in Northern Italy how this is all going. Maybe in London where I can assure you St. Thomas ICU beds are now overflowing and it’s just begun. And if C19 does get to x10, then we are talking about 300,000 deaths in the USA. And if it gets to x40 (see point.5 below) it gets to 1.2m deaths in the USA. There will absolutely be some double counting in this (i.e. some of those deaths the folks would have died anyway of something else) but regardless this is a tremendous impact in the absence of mitigation/suppression and to be clear we do not mitigate/supress the flu. So if his position is to be taken, we should do nothing and let it all go. Really?

      4. His point about Korea (3:34) is what many of us have been saying all along . He makes an interesting point about asymptomatic carriers, but otherwise this analysis remains bust in the context of WE (which is where he started by looking at the US).

      5. And here is the key. All evidence right now is that the move from 1% to 4% is when health systems collapse. We all know in the UK that a bad winter flue swamps the UK NHS. If we get x10 the flue, then that x10 turns into x40 because the NHS will buckle. See Italy. See Wuhan.

      6. Now let me deal with the politics. “4:40 – the UK has taken the much more sensible approach….” Now, as of today, hands up who thinks the UK Government is in great shape on this topic with the population thinking that the Government has kept ahead of the ball and is in total control? Anyone?

      7. His reference to Korea again (4:59) is just mathematically illiterate. If you look at two samples (say Italy and Korea) and see fundamentally different results, the starting point has to be that policy is changing the shape of the curve (not that C19 is mystically different in Korea as it is in Western Europe). You then look at policy options and discover quickly that Korea has treated C19 very differently than Western Europe. Indeed, they have treated it incredibly seriously. We in Western Europe have treated it like this guy thinks we should, and then it been a bit grim so we do some modest things, but not much, and then its grimmer and so on.

      Is this the flu? No.

      Should we panic? No.

      Should we follow the best practise regimes in the world (South Korea, Singapore, Hon Kong, Taiwan)? Yes.

      If that had been his analysis, he would have been on to something. Otherwise the essential message is nonsense.

    • Vegieman says:

      It is despairing to look at this photo and think of real children (and even adults) actually feeling the terror as this little boy is showing. I don’t believe anyone here wants to downplay the suffering of those who would have the misfortune of getting sick, but as is being revealed here and by many others, what we are embarking on is far worse than a bodily sickness.

      Not many God fearing people here from my past experience, but maybe this would be a good time to reconsider: “behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation”.

      There is no science or reasoning that will alter the course that has been established. It has already been proven by the climate change craziness that data “fixers”, the “scientists say”, the “Hitler’s Youth”, and all the Bernies of the world are going to have their day. “If any man have an ear, let him hear”. Covid 19 is phase II with likely more to come to a neighborhood near you. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

      There certainly is some decadence that will be being dealt with. This would be a good time to seek God and pray for mercy – if not for yourself, consider a little boy or girl not too distant.

  6. James Roller says:

    Please visit channel Peak Prosperity on YouTube … save lives. Let us not become Italy

  7. Valerie says:

    Delighted to see Toto take on the panic and scare-mongering around covid-19. I have seen how my parents, grandmother, sister, aunts, uncles, neighbours, friends’ parents, and casual acquaintances relatives were treated by the Irish health system (pressure to sign Do Not Resuscitate orders, being told their sick elderly relatives were not to be taken back to hospital for a second visit, the rush to withdrew fluids from people who are dying, threatened legalisation of euthanasia), it is quite a surprise to me to see that the government is prepared to crash the economy to save them (in case the elderly might catch it). Hundred of thousands of jobs are on the line in this small country. I wonder why this virus is so much more special than the flu virus which kills more people.

  8. Martin says:

    Some arguments
    – South Korea did extensive testing and isolating supected cases. They have the best numbers, e.g. deathrate per infection (not per case!) about 0.7%, perhaps still overestimated, but much higher than for flu.
    – UK also has changed its policy to “delay and reduce the peak”. Anyway, in the UK as in most large European countries as well as in the US, the positive tested cases double every three days (approx).
    – The estimated influenca mortality is not to be confused with the actual tested fatal casualities which are an order of magnitude smaller.
    – Herd immunity is expected at about 67% infection rate (or vaccinations) in the population. Assuming the health system will not break down, then 0.7% mortality, even 0.2%,… calculate yourself!

    • Valerie says:

      What’s the true figure for the flu (and can you point me to it?)? I’ve read that the 0.1% figure we’ve all been told about is based on mortalities as a % of estimated infections (as opposed to diagnosed) while the figures we hear for this is mortality as % of confirmed cases – not like for like. This makes sense to me because deaths to date from Covid-19 are nowhere close to the flu. I have also read that the death rate in Italy during this crisis has not increased – so we have no idea whether the people who unfortunately died in Italy were because of the virus or in spite of the virus. Sounds like the latter to me.

  9. Niklas says:

    I hope you become the next president in this twisted and corrupt world. Very few people has the knowledge and courage like you do. Your like a steam-locomotive with no breaks. In the US people think they are free because they hear it over and over again on MSM. How free are you when a small ethnic group controls all the news? In your great country as well as in my country.

    The “west” is pretty good when we compare with the others, however if we learn the truth instead of propaganda we would be happier and richer.

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for your constructive thoughts. The one on steam is apparently you.
      I’m just trying to make sense of the news and numbers.
      I don’t have a dedicated opinion on what is best to do, and don’t believe in the great conspiracy either.

  10. Robert says:

    One thing I find interest in this whole process is if the governments of the world think there really is a crisis, they are willing to trash an economy to save the world. We don’t really see this with the climate crisis. 1 Trillion $$$ in US alone let alone the EU. To me it would suggest Governments signal that they don’t believe in Climate “Crisis”.
    If there is some global overthrow, then I really have to wonder why they did not do it with Climate Crisis? Green New Deal.
    Then is President Trump also in on the game? If so what does that mean?
    I tend to think this is overblown and it won’t last that long, not till August. But I do see there is trouble in Italy and Spain, and its possible to spell trouble here. I don’t know if its ethically appropriate to go to these great lengths, but there is always the question of what is a life worth?
    The ramifications of this whole thing could be detrimental, which is better to loose a life to a virus or to loose a life to poverty? Ughhh!!!! Good grief Charlie Brown.

  11. Robert Gipson says:

    Here’s what Ron Paul, a doctor, says about COVID:

    The COVID “emergency” is a manufactured pretext to destroy the economy. They don’t need a high body count to accomplish that. Just enough bodies (or just sniffles) to enable the government-controlled media to convince the populace that they want and need the draconian measures that are collapsing the economy.

    It’s just the latest in a series of nails in the coffin of the economy. From NAFTA to USMCA and many others. Paul Volcker spilled the beans back in 1979 that they (the elite) intended a “controlled disintegration” of the US economy. Angie Carlson wrote about this on August, 2001, the month before the September 11 attacks:

    Similarly, in 2006, Paul Craig Roberts described (itemized) what he termed the “saturation bombing” of the US economy:

    Why, you ask? The mega-rich thrive on economic collapse. It enables them to buy up all foreclosed properties and holdings at 10 cents on the dollar. They did it in 1929.

    It also provides a platform for absolute control over every aspect of our lives.

  12. feathers says:

    We have to stop comparing COVID-19 deaths with annual avg. seasonal flu deaths. This is nonsensical. The U.S. is still very much at the beginning stages of COVID-19 transmission. The parallel argument would be looking at flu deaths in mid-November. We don’t do that, the ~ 36,000 avg. is for the ENTIRE season…Oct – late May.

    Let’s wait to see where the numbers shake out. Tony might be 100% correct. I agree, there is too much panic. But please hold off on comparing it to seasonal flu. Its still far too early. If we need a barometer – use 2003 SARS-CoV.

  13. Nigel Sherratt says:

    Only took a week for us to catch the insanity virus here across the pond. Pray for us!

  14. G says:

    I have to agree with Robert Gipson… COVID-19 is nothing compared to other diseases that take out many more people yearly, and these are never mentioned in the media.

    How can it be a “pandemic” when most of the people who catch it, don’t even know they’ve had it? Quote from an article by Melanie Verwoed on the corona virus (available online), after she and her family contracted it: “Let me start with the most important thing: You might not know that you have it”

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