New Video : Little Dog On The Prairie

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5 Responses to New Video : Little Dog On The Prairie

  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    The UK police are relishing their new powers, persecuting decent ‘law-abiding’ people has always come easy to the UK police. Usually chasing people all over the internet from a comfy office chair – people who may need to ‘check their thinking’, they now get to play with toy drones and bark ‘go home’ from the sky – lone hiking and dog-walking are now crimes!

  2. Tim Erickson says:

    Great video.

    So far 2020 seems to be similar to 2019 less the snow. Usually we can start doing lots of field work from mid March onwards, we have had only a day or two when fields are dry enough. Even the sand near the Platte River is wet from the flooding rain last July.

  3. Charles Higley says:

    What kind of cranes are these? I am not good on cranes.

  4. rah says:

    No matter where you go you seem to be able to find your Kestrels. Perhaps because your looking for your favorite raptor?

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