New Video : Social Distancing

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7 Responses to New Video : Social Distancing

  1. TEXTBOOK floating silt molecules….
    Silt Trap here & there harvested would be revenue source from Mortar yield.

    Add in a total of 8 feet of Lucky Dogs & cool Dude Dad!

  2. dick merrill says:

    Where in the world is Toto’s lifejacket?

  3. It’s what you do at the misanthrope’s ball.

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    Let me see if I got this straight:

    1. The number of cases and deaths from COVID are less than 1% (0.68 %) of those of seasonal flu. In other words,

    2. They are calling COVID, but not seasonal flu, a “pandemic.”

    These two facts by themselves are clear proof that the “pandemic” is a ludicrous, unmitigated hoax.

    What’s worse, the government’s COVID death numbers themselves are likely wildly inflated. They are desperately seeking out dying people, anywhere, dying of any cause, to test them for COVID, so that they can claim them as a “COVID” statistic. They’re stalking nursing homes, hospices and ICUs for people dying of old age and multiple morbidities. They’re doing everything short of ambulance-chasing.

    Not that I would put ambulance-chasing beyond them.

  5. mark marecek says:

    thanks for all you do to combat the madness of the hordes of sheeple. Looks like my beloved Arizona. I went to Dragoon Texas Canyon today to social distance with my family and had a great time feeling closer to God and away from the irrational speak of so many talking heads. The attempt at controlling the masses is unreal. I love the desert southwest and need it to calm my soul against the machine
    thanks Hojo

  6. fhsiv says:

    What river is that?
    Verde? Agua Fria? Hassayampa?

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