Massive Carbon Reduction Success!

I filmed this Sunday afternoon driving east on I-70 from the Colorado ski areas, on a day when the traffic normally would have been bumper to bumper. Colorado has achieved spectacular carbon emission reduction, by laying off only half of the workforce.


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  1. Rosco says:

    “Colorado has achieved spectacular carbon emission reduction, by laying off only half of the workforce.”

    It’ll take more than that to get to net zero !

  2. richard says:

    “1. In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that so far this flu season (approximately the same time period as the coronavirus) at least 36 million Americans have caught the flu, 370,000 have been hospitalized and 22,000 have died. Those are the figures for America alone. I mention this simply to try to put things in perspective. You might like to check the up to date figures for the coronavirus. (As I write the number of coronavirus cases worldwide is just in excess of 300,000 and the number of global deaths is just over 13,000.) The coronavirus is nasty and dangerous. But so is the flu and I don’t remember any governments ever shutting down a country because of the flu”

    • Scissor says:

      The question will be, how bad would COVID-19 have been? There will be at least two camps. One will say it would not have been much worse and one will say it would have been drastically worse.

      In either case, it is hard to imagine that the economic damage could be worse.

      • Fruitloops says:

        The measures have the same affect for all types of flu, so when the numbers come out low and they say they’ve saved the world, look for the proportion of covid deaths to all other flu deaths, as well as the total number of respiratory deaths. They will bombard us with inproperly interpreted stats to justify it how ever they can.

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    Alarmists will arg that there has been no CO2 concentration decrease even if this means they admit this AGW is complete BS :
    – humans have little to do with global CO2 concentrations (as showed by Prof. Murry Salby) and CO2 has nothing to do with climate.

  4. Greg Raven says:

    Welcome to the Green New Deal, phase 1.

  5. Mark Luhman says:

    Tony sorry you are back in Colorafornia, Hope you enjoyed Arizona while it’s still Arizona, but I fear it’s soon to become Arizofornia.

  6. Stephen byrne says:

    The reaction to this bug is ridiculously over played and will cause huge economic damage
    -UK citizens are practically under house arrest with fines proposed for people who leave their homes ‘unnecessarily’- this is just another flu bug-The UK loses ten to fifteen thousand people to influenza/pneumonia every year- i don’t understand why these draconian measures are needed.

  7. mi de says:

    I see the leftards are trying to incorporate their totalitarian green NO deal measures, disguised as combatting for virus.
    Remember this swill in November – I Wish I could vote
    – cheers from an Australia truth seeker.

  8. Scott Allen says:

    Did anyone take note that the Mauna Loa observatory has quit given out daily CO2 numbers
    “The Mauna Loa analyzer is currently down. No new data will be available until further notice.”

    that just happen to coincide with Dr Spencer’s blog post on the down turn in manmade CO2 production and comparison to Mauna Loa readings.

  9. scgator2001 says:

    The leftists have a problem. If a couple of pills that can be used off label to combat the corona virus work well in trials, then it will be back to work and back to a roaring DOW!

    The perfect storm for a President who was mocked by the experts who argued we must have more tests (which really means we must let more people die unnecessarily). The “experts” argue that we can’t use drugs that were approved for use decades ago for something different than what the experts intended them to be used for. The experts are in charge, NOT the President. Or so they think as President Trump plants a foot or two in their rear ends as he saves America again!

  10. Rah says:

    Don’t worry Tony. This trucker is still out here putting out the CO2. Was team driving the previous 4 weeks and we put about 26,000 miles behind us in that time. Now back solo and happy about that.

    As far as this trucker is concerned the hype about heroic truckers is pure BS. I’m just happy to still be working and getting a pay check. Am currently working to cover loads to the Toyota replacement parts DC in Hebron, KY. Every time I enter the facility I have to fill out a form declaring I have not been to certain countries such as China, or Italy, in the last 6 weeks. Since they don’t ask about any of the domestic epicenters where a driver is far more likely to have been, I judge their action to be CYA BS.

    Am taking extra precautions but not that much different than usual except I have set myself up to keep trips into truck stop facilities to an absolute minimum. Still, a guy has to do #2 somewhere, and I draw the line at doing that in my truck.

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