Printing Rolls Of Money

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  1. DM says:

    Thanks for the laugh;-}

  2. Andre Rohde Garder says:

    Now the shit is really gonna hit the fan. Where else can it go?


  3. Copy for the German newspaper FAZ

  4. rah says:

    This truck driver just received a call. I was scheduled to take Nestles load to Robesonia, PA leaving out at 14:00 today. The load departure has been pushed back 24 hours. The terminal I work out of on W 73rd St. in Anderson, IN is right across from the Nestles facility. The trucks going into Nestles have been lined up down the street for the last five days running. 25 or more lined up at a time waiting in line to get in. I reckon this is all about restocking the warehouses and DCs from all the panic buying and hoarding.

    Red Gold tomato products is centered in the area of Indiana where I live. The carrier I am working for is picking up a lot of loads for them also. I’ve pulled those loads before. They’re always heavy. The company has smartened up since then and won’t send us to some the more dangerous places to deliver like they used to for Red Gold loads. Places like Honors foods on 5th Street in the “Bad Lands” of Philadelphia. When ever a driver sees broken down living room furniture on the sidewalks and graffiti covered block walls with razor wire on top, they know they’re somewhere they don’t want to be.

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