Alarmists Continue Their Desperate Lies

Brazil has been target of leftists, because their conservative president has refused to give in to COVID alarmism. The UK Daily Mail now claims that Brazil is a “coronavirus hotspot”

Brazil becomes a coronavirus hotspot: New cases overwhelm hospitals, morgues and cemeteries | Daily Mail Online

In the real world, Brazil is doing about ten times better than the UK, and starting to curve downwards just like everybody else. The last thing leftists want people to understand is that draconian government actions accomplish nothing (other than to destroy wealth and freedom.)

Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million: are we bending the curve?

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7 Responses to Alarmists Continue Their Desperate Lies

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    In the USA, rural hospitals, already operating at the margin, are well in the red now and will need infusions (of cash) to continue. Some will close and health care will be miles away.
    Anticipated demand never developed. Lots of expenses to prepare — gone.
    Special tents, ventilators, and more headed for landfills or recycling – what else happens to useless things?

  2. G W Smith says:

    It’s becoming all too obvious! But the masses read only the headlines, so they never discover that they are being lied to. The first 90% of their articles support their distorted headlines and the last 10%, which few ever bother to trudge through, hide the facts, “if true.”

  3. Peter ollings says:

    Too true, and, on a technical note, why is this graph’s origin at least 100 times lower than the threshold (0.1/million)? It just compresses the graphs and makes it seem the countries results are closer together,


    Muertes por 100 mil habitantes:

    Brasil 2,02
    USA 16,79
    Suiza 18,95
    Suecia 22,52
    UK 31,07

  5. Jessica says:

    There’s light at the end of this obscurantist tunnel of darkness – the day of reckoning, when all the real data becomes available and the the socialist agenda behind the scaremongering is exposed, is nigh; only months away.

    • Vegieman says:

      We used to have a saying in the army: mess up and you move up (slightly edited). The propagandists and spinsters will continue to twist and wrest the data, as in a previous post, to “cover their ifs ands and buts” and keep the lemmings on course. The truth will continue to be evident to those that seek the truth, and I believe will be even more obvious in the months ahead as you suggest, but I see the deception prevailing amongst the fearful masses. Sadly the socialist, demonic agenda is likely to surge ahead.

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