Hawaii – 40% Unemployment

Hawaii is run by left-wing Democrats, and was one of the first states to shut down their economy. They now have 250,000 new unemployment claims.

Volunteers help with massive backlog of unemployment claims – Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather – KITV Channel 4

Hawaii only has about 650,000 people in their workforce, so they are probably above 40% unemployment.

What’s up with Hawaii’s incredible shrinking civilian labor force?

Hawaii has a COVID death rate of ten per million, which is about the same as Wyoming – which never shut down. Hawaii’s economy is almost completely dependent on tourism, which is a dead industry thanks to worthless computer models created by the United Nations, and mindless panic by politicians in the US.

In a matter of six weeks liberal Democrat’s turned paradise into the exact opposite. The odds of Hawaiians dying from COVID are 1:10,000. Hawaiians are about fifty times more likely to die from flu or in a car accident.


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3 Responses to Hawaii – 40% Unemployment

  1. G W Smith says:

    Now Hawaii will come, not begging, but demanding that the federal government bail them out. Cloward and Piven – overwhelm the system, take it down, then take it over.

  2. ClimateYogi says:

    At 10 deaths per million that would make our death rate 1 per 100,000 . On the Big Island there have been no deaths nor any hospitalizations . We are locked down too . It’s totally crazy . We need to pass some laws to protect us from our own government . The resorts are closed down and visitors are being paid to go home . A Doc that I know thinks we need to lock down for 2 more months to be safe . Safe from what ?!

  3. Bill says:

    One particularly sad accomplishment of our corona response has been the total destruction of the Trump economic lesson of the past three years. Why even bother trying to stand on your own two feet? All-knowing computer models prove that disaster is at out door, what can possibly withstand it? All-powerful centralized government, that’s what. This guy is just the first of many, born in Sri Lanka and made his money the old-fashioned way all in one go in Facebook.


    Ineffectual feeders at the public trough like Pelosi, Schiff and the Squad labored in vain to destroy what our President helped us accomplish; the corona response based on dubious model predictions did it in just three months. Will we climb out enough by the fall to head off the wave of Hard Left Socialism? Are there enough people who value their freedom over the security of being a herd animal? I guess we’ll find out.

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