Nurse Expose Of NYC Hospitals

I was staying with an ICU nurse in Nebraska, and got to know a number of other nurses. I was told lots of horror stories about incompetence by hospital administrators and CDC.

New York City has about 3% of the US population, but more than 50% of COVID deaths. This nurse explains what is going on in New York City hospitals to produce such a disproportionate number of deaths.

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  1. Brian D says:

    OMG!! Thank you for being brave enough to put this out young lady. Prayers with you all.

  2. Noel Herron says:

    This is awful, just awful.

  3. Davide says:

    I read that about 90% of ventilated people in NY died.
    Here in northern Italy I think we had also many medical errors, and wrong procedures, but nothing so terrible, if confirmed (but the study seems serious).
    One interesting thing is that here they are always more convinced about the cluts problem, and and they using more vastly heparin and other drugs to fix this problem. But it means that ventilation is mostly useless, and maybe harmful.

    Anyway, I think this crisis is showing us that medical “science” is ridicolous like climate change “science”. Medical doctors are even more arrogant, more “sure” about everything, with no reason to be that.
    They didnt’ start it with this crisis; they started a lot of time ago, but now they are imposing a “health dictatorship”, literally (and we don’t have Trump to balance them, but only puppets politicians following “science”), so the problem is really pressing.
    One of the most arrogant of these famous md told us on tv, on the first days of February, that Italy had “zero risk”, and now we know covid19 was circulating at least since January.
    Maybe you want to know that, for at least two months (it started on March 8th), we need to sign with police an “autocertification” to declare where we are going and why, and only a few reasons are accepted (basicly buying food or going to work, in the few cases it’s possible).
    They are using helicopters to find “criminals” alone on the beach. For example:
    And carabinieri (a kind of police) go to churches to stop celebrations. Famous example (hero priest resists and doesn’t stop):
    The problem is huge, and it’s more or less in almost all “civilized” countries.
    I don’t know what we can do.

    • Petit_Barde says:

      Ciao Davide.

      The problem is that politicians did not even followed actual science, but charlatans and incompetent clowns as N. Ferguson.

      Here in France – Paris, we can’t even make our jogging after 10h AM or before 7h PM … and we have to show a bullshit certificate to do so … where is the science behind this madness ?

      Conversely, the few who followed actual science did not apply lockdown, did not destroy their economy and did not cause a health disaster, be it linked to this flu or to come (how many will prematurely die because they have serious diseases which have not been addressed in time ?).
      In Sweden, they will achieve herd immunity very soon – in one or two weeks in Stockholm – and the ederly and vulnerable will be able again to see their family and their friends : the most important thing for ederly.
      They did not listened to Greta the chicken little and all those wuflu charlatans, but to actual scientists as Johan Giesecke and they got it RIGHT.

      Next time, in France or in Italy (where most of my family is – in Toscania ed in Umbria), UK, Germany, etc. :
      – remember who was in charge and caused this disaster and ask the right questions to any candidate in ANY local or national election to come.

      • Davide says:

        Hi Petite Barde,
        I agree that actual science makes correct statements. Of course they are not sure of everything, but they can say smart things.
        The problem is that, as for global warming, there is wrong “science” (I use quotation marks :)) telling wrong things, and politician use it to destroy everything, starting from freedom.
        Everything comes from freedom: economic prosperity, human relationships, intellectual development. Everything.
        I have much estimation, about this aspect, for US, for their history, for their fundamental principles, that in Europe are not so strong (could you imagine 2nd amendment in EU? this is basic)
        The problem of using this fake “science” concerns too many aspect of our lives: from global warming, to medicine, to so many other sectors.
        It’s the tool used by politicians to establish autoritharianism.

        I found very interesting (probably you already know them) what people like Ioannidis or Horton say, about how “science” is on the wrong way. Especially in medicine, but I think not only, not at all.
        We have his famous paper:
        We have replication crisis:
        We have Horton (The Lancet editor):
        “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

        We have a BIG problem with:
        -how science is made
        -how science is considered by public opinion and politicians.
        This new wrong science is like a religion: no discussion, just obey.
        They are destroying our societies. Maybe using a questionable Imperial College study as a bible.
        People like the ones described here (I’ve already posted it, I think, but it doesn’t matter):
        (Ok, Taleb doesn’t agree with Ioannidis about this crisis, but this is the central idea).

        Remember them in elections? Yes, of course, but here in Italy almost 100% of parties agree with this madness.
        The central government is leftist, but the local government in most northern region is from the opposite side. And they often wanted, and sometimes made, even more severe lockdowns.
        We have one thought, no real alternatives. Like in regimes.
        I think we already have a regime.
        Maybe I am ingenuous, but now I think only Trump can be a “game changer” of all this.

        • Petit_Barde says:

          Sadly, it seems you are right in most of the aspects.

        • Mike C says:

          Davide, thanks for you comment I agree. One example of the scientific consensus being totally wrong is the nonsense they have been telling people about the harmful effects of saturated fats in meats, dairy foods and eggs. I recently read the book the Big Fat Surprise by Nina Tcheicolz and she explains that these foods are healthy, we have eaten them for many thousands of years, and they are much better for us than the processed carbohydrate rubbish that the big food corporations make their billions from.

          In Australia we have a truly ridiculous food labeling system whereby food packages are given a star rating from half a star up to 5, the more the healthier. Yesterday I bought some organic butter and it had 1 star! That’s because they think saturated fat is unhealthy and margarine is better for, Duh! Margarine is an industrial rubbish food made from cheap oil that is heated and processed to the enth degree before it is artificially coloured to make it look like butter.

          The recommended daily allowance for vitamin C in this country is only 40 milligrams, that is all the evidence you need to understand that the govt does not have the first good clue about health.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Spread before Ytube deletes. And this…

  5. gregole says:

    Wow. Stay healthy and don’t fall into their hands.

  6. Peter says:

    I can find no verification of NYC having 50% of covid cases in the US. Can you please supply a link because if it cannot be verified, you shouldn’t be saying it.

    • tonyheller says:

      I have no verification that you are able to read.

      • Peter says:

        The link you supplied in the article says 58,000 have died in the US and 12,000 have died in NYC so the figure is around 20%, not 50%.

        I am a sceptic and follow your blog but you have a tendency to exaggerate situations and not supply links and it’s unnecessary and just gives fodder to Warmists.

        listing all your videos on YouTube is difficult and you either need to include your name in the title of every video or start using the tag facility.


        • Disillusioned says:


          In the first post, I see you strongly implied Tony was talking about 50% of COVID cases, which you know is not true. He was talking about deaths. In the second post, I see you magically corrected your inaccuracy, without any mea culpa on your part as you continued on with your rebuke of Tony.

          What I think is unnecessary, is for you to be so picayune, especially when you are all over the map yourself, and won’t even own up to your own inaccuracy in your first post. You seem more like an arrogant, argumentative cynic than a skeptic.

    • Ruby Gray says:

      On the live updated site as of now, the USA has about 60,000 deaths. Of those, New York has almost 24,000 deaths, and if you include New Jersey just across the river with over 6,000 deaths, that is half of the USA deaths in that very small area.

      • Palaver says:

        NYC does not equal NY State + New Jersey. As of April 27, All boroughs of NYC had aggregate deaths attributed to COVID-19 of 11,820 deaths confirmed with an extra 5,395 deaths probable. This is using the above Worldometers link above and clicking on the [2] reference link next to New York (State) figures on the USA page (link below).

        Tony’s point is still valid though regarding the disproportionate deaths in NYC.

      • Giovanni Trambusti says:

        Worldometers data are relative to state totals, not cities, so 24000 + 6000 = 30000 is New Jersey state + New York state total.

        29 Apr 2020
        New York state = 23144
        New Hersey state = 6442

      • Peter says:

        The 24000 is for New York State, not New York City as Tony stayed. If sceptics do the same deceptive tricks as warmists do, then we are just as bad and leave ourselves open to criticism.

        Tony, please either amend your statement or remove it.

      • Gator says:

        About that…

      • Peter says:

        My comment was deleted so I will try again.

        New York State has had 24000 deaths, not New York City. It is not true that New York City has 59% of US cases.

        Tony, why do you not fix this error, I am a sceptic and am disappointed in your attitude.

        • Palaver says:

          Peter, it defeats your argument for a request for clinical accuracy, when you quote an erroneous figure yourself (where did 59% come from?). I believe Tony made a non-malicious error, which if corrected, doesn’t change his point one iota. Whether you compare 3% to 20-30% or 8% (NY+NJ pop) to 50%, doesn’t change the point.

          I think it’s laudible that Tony allows this discourse to even appear on his blog, and laughable that you “demand” him to make error fixes with your post that includes an error of your own.

        • Disillusioned says:

          My comment was deleted so I will try again.

          Nope. Your comment was not deleted. There was a delay.

          New York State has had 24000 deaths, not New York City.

          At the time of his post, NY and NJ had half of the COVID deaths, with the majority of those deaths coming from the NYC area. I see you have a fascination with nits.

          It is not true that New York City has 59% of US cases.

          Please point to where Tony said anything about NYC having 59% of US cases.

          Tony, why do you not fix this error….

          Why do you not fix your [repeated] errors? Tony didn’t say anything about 50% of covid cases (which you have since inflated to 59%).

          I am a sceptic and am disappointed in your attitude.

          ROTFLOL. You’re a captious cynic. And a dishonest one at that – you lost your moral ground to criticize anyone in your very first post. Glass houses and all that rot.

        • Palaver says:

          And Peter – what is it with the interchangeable use of the terms “deaths” and “cases” as if they mean the same thing?

  7. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    It is impossible that more will not speak out now that the first drop has escaped the hose.

    There will be political fallout. Fingers were made for pointing. The refusal to try innovative treatment regimens that are successful elsewhere is appalling. Could the explanation be as simple as this?

  8. Petit_Barde says:

    Sadly, this video will very soon be censored as the video you posted in “Must-Watch COVID Videos”, at least in France where I live :
    – When I go to the video “Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing – YouTube” I get this message (in French) :
    “Cette vidéo a été supprimée, car elle ne respectait pas le règlement de la communauté YouTube.”

    Google trad :
    “This video was deleted because it violated the YouTube community guidelines.”

    We are facing a Very very sad period.

    Here in France, a friend who is diabetic just became COVID-19 symptomatic yesterday (way after the bullshit lockdown must have had ANY effect). Its general practitioner gave him antibiotics to treat pneumonia (in France doctors are not allowed by the regime to give hydroxychloroquine) AND warned him :

    Following your doctor’s advice seems to be the best thing you can do to save your skin.

    • Davide says:

      Yes, the regime run by the major internet companies is nov obvious.
      We see censorship every day more, about the covid 19, about different medical opinions, about chinese virus stories and people, about protests, and so on.

  9. D. Boss says:

    Awful, is too tame as descriptor – appalling and criminal are more apt. In normal circumstances doctors and hospitals kill 150,000 people a year with mistakes. And another 250,000 a year die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs.

    Now add on top of this institutionalized malfeasance – the fear and groupthink surrounding the WuFlu – and you get this tragic report from the front lines.

    Perhaps this account of the treatment of patients in NYC is why this ER doc took her own life:

    Could she not stomach that her decisions or mandates were mistreating and killing so many???

    • Robertv says:

      Or maybe she just knew the wrong things.

    • James Brasfield says:

      Are those deaths from mistakes US only?

      • D. Boss says:

        James Brasfield asks “are those deaths from mistakes US only?”

        They were for the US only, but some years ago. Not sure whether numbers are up or down lately. But the real numbers are VERY hard to find, as those in power cover their collective asses.

        I’ve long held the belief we should start putting doctors and hospital administrators in jail… (to reduce this ongoing atrocity)
        And if you want to stay healthy, stay away from both doctors and hospitals! (or at least get second or third opinions when diagnosed)

        The medical industrial complex is comparable to the climate catastrophe cult regards bad science, dogma and doctrine to support stupid narratives. You see it playing before your eyes right now with people like Dr Erikson – his videos got banned because he didn’t tow the party line… (tony linked to his videos a few days ago)

  10. EB says:

    This is correct. It sounds as if panic rules, and that’s never good. More and more official reports are coming out on the ventilators. I do believe PPE wasn’t used correctly and patients were left alone most of the time, for fear of contaminating the medical personnel. Covid should have been medically treated as MERS or SARS. I believe in such a panicked situation, medical teams weren’t able to assess for a patient’s medications. So if someone was on gabapentin or an opiate, now they’re being ventilated, sedated and tied to the bed, without someone ensuring the patient is getting their normal medications. I am hospitalizated frequently and bring in a medication list for the on-call and Charge Nurse, and even then, mishaps happen. That’s in a controlled, non Covid, non emergency situation. The truth will come out. I’m sure this wasn’t done on purpose, but very quickly panic and groupthink took over. Whether at an ICU in NYC or in Washington, DC.

  11. alf says:

    Does anyone have more info on eastern European health care workers leaving Italy for their home countries leaving Italy’s health care system hugely understaffed, contributing to their high death rate.

    • Davide says:

      I don’t know. I didn’t hear much about it.
      I dont’ think many health care workers left the country.
      If the system is understaffed, or with not enough hospital beds (especialli ICU), I think it’s a problem created in years, not now.
      One important thing to say is that we start having not enough medical doctors, because in years and years they made closed numbers in universities, and after that for specializations.
      Medical associations, government, and every kind of “expert”, reduced supply for medical formation, to achieve the “right number” of what “needed”.
      Result? We’ll have a serious shortage in the next years.
      I think something similar happens in US, that import many doctors from abroad.
      And, I think, medical doctors are a little expensive there, because of their little number.
      This is one perfect success of socialism and central planning.

  12. Russ Wood says:

    From my reading of UK newsblogs, it seems that the whole thrust of ‘treatment’ is to “protect the National Health Service (NHS)” – NOT to protect the patients or the people! I agree with the above doctor’s statement that you’d be better off OUTSIDE rather than inside hospital. In South Africa, the hospitals are currently almost empty, being reserved for Covid, but the public hospitals are usually so incompetent, that in general, you’re usually better off out!

  13. Charlotte Welcker says:

    For what she’s saying to be true, practically all the medical staff at the hospital would have to be in on it, and it would have to be happening at the majority of NY hospitals. That’s highly unlikely.

    Sorry, but I’m very skeptical of this video, especially since the last time one of these “nurse goes viral ” videos ended up being a hoax.

    • tonyheller says:

      Identical argument made about about why climate fraud can’t be happening. I’ve been dealing with your sort of thinking for 12 years, and it is quite tedious.

  14. Peter Reiss says:

    The New York City Health & Hospitals Corp. is a collection of public hospitals in NYC. I was in Elmhurst Hospital, Queens 35 years ago, which is where much of the activity is occurring. The facility was a filthy dilapidated hellhole. The plumbing in the restroom was backed up! Same for Bronx Lebanon Hospital, although I did not have the misfortune of having to use the restroom. I suspect that the activity spoken of in the video is in one of those public hospitals. The contrast when entering a private hospital was strucking where the facility had a freshly scrubbed sterile and modern feel to it.
    The above is connected to the purpose of this blog which is show how destructive the climate alarmist agenda it. All of the public facilities in NY State are decrepit. The Supreme Courthouse, 60 Centre St, NYC is literally crumbling. There is debris on the gound. The benches in the courtrooms are so worn out and spintered that cushions are placed on them to prevent injury. The same for municipal offices, and public facilities across the state. Despite the foregoing, and despite the immediate public health issues raised by the conditions of the hosptials, the governor is spending THIRTY-THREE BILLION DOLLARS TO TRY AND CHANGE THE CLIMATE.

  15. GaryP says:

    I’m a heartless bastard when it comes to stupid people.

    I believe everything in the video. But who do New Yorker’s vote for? What newspapers are published there? It seems like they are getting what they created good and hard.

    The State of New York forced sick contagious virus carriers into nursing homes. Andrew Cuomo’s government did this. I haven’t heard stories this vile since the stories of blankets from small pox patients being given to Indian tribes.

    The governor’s brother is the only person I’ve heard of to break quarantine while sick and contagious.

  16. Palaver says:

    As with climate alarmists, follow the money. I’ve read unsubstantiated reports that hospitals receive extra medicaid $$ reimbursements if a death is classified as COVID-19. Happy if someone can correct that.

  17. PapersOwl says:

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  18. Kathy King says:

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