Percent Of Days Above Freezing Declining In The US

The percent of days above freezing has been declining in the US for a century, with last year among the lowest.

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  1. Colin says:

    Slightly related news item. Couldn’t help but notice the line that says there is always ice above the wreck of the Endurance in the Weddell Sea……always!

  2. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    This is OT, but remember your post from December?

    ABC News – 30 Years Is A Century

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has determined that a drought in Africa is the worst in century, and they know this because a guy in his 30s who sells tourist handicrafts told them so.

    Well, here is the follow-up:

    Victoria Falls thunders once again after dry season photos shocked tourists

    Trevor Lane, a conservationist that works for Bhejane Trust, lives in Victoria Falls. He said this year’s rainy season, which goes from November to June or mid-April, will be the third-heaviest in recorded history, dating back to the 1960s.

    The dishonesty going on here leaves me speechless…

  3. rah says:

    Joe Bastardi put up this chart of records set in the US last week during his Saturday Summary video. The vast majority of the highs were set in Florida.

  4. Mark Luhman says:

    The reality the world is cooling but due to UHI our betters think we have a warming world. Sad. To bad our “climate Scientist” never learned science.

    • Gator says:

      If you want to frustrate the Hell out of an alarmist, and have a really good laugh, simply ask them what the UHI adjustment is for their “data”. I never tire of observing their illogical thought contortions and their BS “explanations”.

      It’s like watching the “Liar’s Paradox” from Star Trek…

  5. Tony, I can only say you are wonderful.

    Hope I’m not causing you to blush! :-) I only made this request a few days ago and now I find it here in your daily news. Thanks heaps for doing that for me.
    I have written to Ita Buttrose, Chairman of the ABC, and she took the trouble to personally reply to me; something that makes me admire her greatly even if we do not agree on the matter of AGW. Maybe something good will come out of it and the ABC will present a more balanced view on this subject. Up to now they have been avid adherents of “global warming” and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. She even addressed the letter to me in her own handwriting!

    I will share this with you.

    Warmest regards

  6. Joe Beekman says:

    Curious as to where you got the information used in this chart. Could you post the source? It would be helpful.

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