WSJ Op Ed – Lockdowns Accomplish Nothing

Do Lockdowns Save Many Lives? In Most Places, the Data Say No – WSJ

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10 Responses to WSJ Op Ed – Lockdowns Accomplish Nothing

  1. Steve Case says:

    The virus is going to be there if we lift the house arrest now or six months from now. So why are we doing it?

  2. mddwave says:

    Reminds me of Popular Science article on the 1918 Spanish Flu (link below) There is chart titled “Delaying Isolation Measure can me higher Peaks”. I have done may correlations, but one cannot reliably make the conclusion of this chart title!
    Hopefully the chart

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Stockholm Expected To Reach Herd Immunity In May, Swedish Ambassador to U.S. Says:

    • Henning Nielsen says:

      That’s their excuse for irresponsible gambling with old peoples’ lives. Meanwhile, there is great uncertainty about the possibility of immunity from the virus. The stated policy from the health authorities was from day 1 to protect the old and vulnerable, and let the rest go on as before. They failed miserably in their ambition, even allowing visits to nursing homes to continue for a long time, and failing to provide the staff with protective gear. It is a disgrace. Sweden now has 22,6 deaths per 100 k persons, Norway has 3,8, Denmark 7,4, and Finland 3,5. Sweden is not on lockdown, the others are.

      • Petit_Barde says:

        Sweden applied exactely the same strategy with respect to ederly and nursing homes as Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, etc. : containment.

        So the different death rates have nothing to do with lockdown but rather whether or not the ederly and nursing homes containment has been correctly applied.

  4. Petit_Barde says:

    Any discussion about the lockdown makes most people going bonkers, as does most discussions about AGW.

    In these two cases, its all about science versus urban myths, charlatanism and people who can’t admit they have been fooled.

    Mark Twain (?) :

    ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’

  5. Scissor says:

    If the following is true, it would explain much of NYC’s terrible performance.

  6. John says:

    …….biggest mistake ever


    What I have learnt from all this is that I have an underlying health condition and it is
    called “Old Age”.

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