Bad News For Alarmists Keeps Coming

Sweden never locked down, and they never closed their bars, restaurants or public schools.

Reported Covid-19 deaths in Sweden | Swedish Covid-19 statistics

h/t Pierre Gosselin

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8 Responses to Bad News For Alarmists Keeps Coming

  1. Disillusioned says:

    As with climate, temperatures, sea ice amounts, etc., bad news for the alarmist is always good news for the sane.

  2. Dave N says:

    From across the Pacific, I can hear the sound of leftist heads exploding. Such a sweet sound, and it’s only going to become louder…

    • yarpos says:

      Its not just leftists. There are people with quite conservative views who firmly believe and support the radical lockdown approach. I have been fascnated to watch the camps forming at a couple of the blogs I frequent (inherently conservative leaning). There seems the be:

      – the establishment camp, totally assured of their rightness and dismissive of other views
      – the objective analysis crowd more driven by numbers and accepting of variability of approaches
      – the “deniers” who say its just another flu
      – the foil hatters who conflate it with whatever their pet topic is

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    For some, good news are very dangerous, as can be country music for others :

  4. D. Boss says:

    Here’s some even more devastating news for the alarmists:

    Doing proper statistical data analysis of the concept of herd immunity, it is found it may actually be achieved with VERY low community infection rates!

    It lies somewhere between 7% and 24% – which means Sweden may have already achieved it.

    Look forward to so many talking heads exploding about this….

  5. SCGATOR2001 says:

    If only the Swedes would have made it mandatory for Nursing Homes to accept COVID-19 POSITIVE subjects.

    If they were discharged from a hospital AND COVID-19 positive, the Nursing Home had to accept them.
    The nursing homes were prohibited from testing subjects whether from a hospital OR from the street.
    If the Swedes would have had to deal with President Trump, they too would have wanted to KILL as many seniors as possible.

  6. yarpos says:

    The alarmist will point to absolute death numbers and say what about the cost? I think the real point is the relativity between death rate in Sweden vs comparable EU countries ( Sweden lies mid range in deaths per capita, better than some and worse than some when compared with lockdown countries. Although they havent smashed their economy too hard and have made strides towards immunity.

    Reading some of the local commentary its seem that the Swedish people did their lockdown in line with personal risk perceptions and in addition to government guidleines, so it wasnt in practice anything like business as usual. The government has said they would do some things differently with hindsight, but that would be the case everywhere I guess.

  7. Penelope says:

    Pierre, Sweden has large immigrant Somali & Iritrean population. They are carriers of the G6PD deficiencey/adaptation. Hydroxychloroquine if administered causes severe or fatal illness. Many doctors don’t know of this or have forgotten. CDC should issue a warning/reminder. I don’t know if the presence of G6PD alone can increase the severity of covid.

    An excellent bar graph shows deaths per million in various countries.
    Blue bars indicate non-lockdown countries; orange bars lockdown ones by Vanessa Beeley

    Of the non-lockdowns, Sweden has the highest deaths per million, a total of 3,225. A little detail on this:
    –Over half are among her 70,000 nursing home residents
    –Sweden’s 126,000 immigrants from Somalia, Iritrea & Ethiopia account for a disproportionate number of deaths.

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