Massachusetts – No Deaths Under The Age Of 20

Massachusetts has had no deaths of school age people, and very low death rates for working age people. The average age of death is 82, So why are schools shut down, and why aren’t people being allowed to work?

More than 98% had underlying health conditions.


Like almost everywhere else, this is primarily a nursing home problem, not a major problem among the general public.

Massachusetts Coronavirus Cases: Families Say They Were Kept in the Dark About COVID-19 in Nursing Home – NBC Boston

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14 Responses to Massachusetts – No Deaths Under The Age Of 20

  1. Johansen says:

    Wow. Thanks for this research. I’m spreading this everywhere I can. People are only now starting to wake up

  2. Rick Erman says:

    Great information – each state should post this same data in an easy to find location – all the press is focused on is the number of positive cases – totals & number of deaths

    Thanks Tony of keeping us informed

  3. Gator says:

    So why are schools shut down, and why aren’t people being allowed to work?

    Models, all the way down…

    The Precautionary Principal should now have an entire chapter devoted to avoiding damaging models.

  4. Chris Gauer says:

    In Alberta we find the same result. Our records are well done, transparent and available online. They show a median age of death due to COVID-19 of 82 years, no deaths for those under 20 years of age and mortality rates of 0.1 to 0.2 per case for those between 60 and 20. Because of this and our excellent contact tracing regime, we are opening up our economy with due care. When there is incompetent leadership and bureaucrats fail to collect data and deal in guesswork, we see ridiculous responses to the pandemic, while claiming to follow the science. Sounds similar to climate alarmism.

  5. Lurch says:

    After this coronapocalypse, I never, ever want to hear a goddamned thing about “computer models” again, whether for viruses or “climate change.”

  6. Steve Case says:

    So why are schools shut down, and why aren’t people being allowed to work?

    Because, ABC, CBS, Face Book, Google, LA Times, Meet the Press, Move on .org, MSNBC, National Geographic, NBC, NPR, PBS, Scientific American, The View, Time Magazine, Twitter, Washington Post, You Tube, etc. want the economy to collapse which will greatly enhance the democrats chances come November 3rd. That’s why!

  7. William says:

    I live in MA, very far left/statist politically. Since it is, unlike say CA, a small and manageable state it is in some ways a template for the kind of clockwork dystopian technocracy that globalists wish to create. The RINO governor Baker laid out his 4-stage plan for reopening a few days ago. Stage 4 was very succinct: Vaccine development – “The New Normal”. No thanks gov. People are “complying” for the most part, everyone is wearing masks but no one is sick. I went for a hike the other day with my lady companions 11-YO granddaughter and she opined, without any prompting from me, “I think this is just the flu”. It was a staggeringly beautiful day and a womyn walked by us coming the other way on the trail, goggles and full face mask. Granddaughter added, ” People believe in this because they want to believe it.” Smart kid, a glimmer of hope

    • Vegieman says:

      Belief is the “reality” being created through sensationalism and fear. It is encouraging to hear the comments of a child that has not yet been indoctrinated. Well administered fear paralyzes from the neck up.

      Hypochondriasis is the negative manifestation of the placebo effect:

      “Illness anxiety disorder (IAD) is a recent term for what used to be diagnosed as hypochondriasis, or hypochondria. People diagnosed with IAD strongly believe they have a serious or life-threatening illness despite having no, or only mild, symptoms. Yet IAD patients’ concerns are to them very real. Even if they go to doctors and no illnesses are found, they are generally not reassured and their obsessive worry continues. IAD can also trigger worries in people who do have a physical illness that they are sicker than they really are. The disorder is not about the presence or absence of illness, but the psychological reaction.”

      In this case, we have authorities and experts “helping” us with testing to ensure that that we know if we are infected – even if we have no debilitating symptoms. For the majority, the most effective remedy is to turn the mainstream news off, get to work, and amazingly the condition subsides. For those in actual need of medical help, I’m pretty sure the existing infrastructure would and will continue to suffice.

      “This is a test, this is only a test of the international fear inducing network”. This is a manufactured crisis with an end game we are yet to witness.

  8. leon tesla says:

    Excuse me, but children are not the only ones present in schools. Many teachers, administrators, custodial and support staff are also in attendance as well as parents participating in activities in the schools during the school day. It’s not just about child vulnerability and possible mortality. It’s about spreading the virus to others at higher risk.

  9. TRM says:

    The deaths in Massachusetts are about 14% higher for the first 16 weeks compared to same time period average for 2016-19. They’ve had 21,857 deaths compared to average of 19,074.

    As of 2020-05-22 the CDC data has North Carolina missing week 16 for 2020. The rest of the states are complete.

    The entire USA has an “excess death” rate about 5.5% (50,331) higher than the 4 year average. It will be interesting to see what the 6, 8 and 12 month rate is.

    In some online discussions some were suggesting using “excess deaths” to see what effect the covid-19 disease is having and I thought that would be a reasonable approach as it gets past the deaths “with/from” issue.

    All the data is from this CDC page:

    The script and all related files are here if you want to kick the tires:

    The script generates data for all 50 states plus DC and New York City (CDC treats it separately from New York State).
    The “reports.xlsx” file has the accumulative totals for all reports.

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