New Video : Global Weirding Of 1934

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3 Responses to New Video : Global Weirding Of 1934

  1. tom0mason says:

    Thank-you Tony for more informative videos.

    The Global Weirding Of 1934 knocks all the blather about CO2 warming and the alarmists ‘climate crisis’ into a cocked hat.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    CO2 levels were about 308 ppm in 1934.

    Thank you, Toto, for pulling back the curtain on the fraudulent junk science of CO2-caused extreme weather.

  3. William Perrigo says:

    Dear Tony,

    After absorbing significant data provided by various sources and personal reflection of what could really be going on around the world on multiple levels, I find the true reasons for climate deception (at the top level, not the Greta level) to be very clear: We are vulnerable.

    1) If the globe gets a bit warmer, we would prosper greatly with roughly 10 billion people on the planet, although we are stretching certain food supply segments, however,

    2) If a massive solar flair would hit us, we could have some major problems for months or even years. We are expecting one within roughly 30 years, however,

    3) If it would get just a little but colder, then we could indeed suffer massive food shortages, especially in the northern hemisphere. The north is where the rich people live and the south has the (potential) arable land. Since we are in a historical cold period and in time glaciers will overtake the north, regardless of CO2, it would appear to be the most probable scenario, which we would start to face maybe within the next 500 years.

    It’s twisted, but, in reality our problem to solve is global cooling, not global warming and 10 billion people are potentially way too many to feed under circumstances like that. 10 billion is the number Hans Rosling (see his TED talk) came up with, after the improvement of peoples lives aka removing world poverty factors. I believe many scientists know that fact but just remain silent—surviving.

    The political factors of leftists and rightists are certainly interesting but pretty much irrelevant, unless one considers the potential usefulness of humanity under colder conditions. Just like in the movie Schindler’s Liste, skilled workers would have priority.
    A capitalist society is massively better when times are good but a communist, militarist, freedom-reducing regime might be seen by some as a better way to go, although I disagree with the premise because it kills creativity.

    In conclusion, the mob does what the mob does but one day very difficult decisions may have to be made about who gets what and that’s when things get really bad.

    Is that something to post on a climate blog? I don’t think so.



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