New Video : Reopening The Schools

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  1. Phil Beckley says:

    Hello Tony. I was wondering if you had seen an article in the Daily Telegraph for 21 May by Richard Orange, in which he attacks Sweden and their policy on Covid-19 by quoting a seven day rolling average for the time between 13th and 20th May, when the figure for deaths from Covid-19 in Sweden was apparently the highest in the world at 6.08 per million, accompanied by criticism of the Swedes for easing off on the social distancing and generally criticising their policy. It illustrates the point about there being two classes of person in the world, those who want to see Sweden fail and those who want to see Sweden succeed. I found the article infuriating. It seems to me it cherry-picks one misleading statistic to knock the one nation in Western Europe that is behaving like a civilised country. Best wishes, I really like your videos and always look forward to them appearing.

    • ClimateYogi says:

      As of today on the Worldometer website ,
      UK has 531 deaths per million
      Sweden has 384 deaths per million
      And Italy , Spain and France are are higher than Sweden .
      If you people want to criticize Sweden , look in the mirror first .

      • Petit_Barde says:

        I’m French, and I highly support how Sweden managed SARS-COV2 while preserving freedom, businesses, health (COVID 19 is not the only disease !) and mental sanity of Swedish people.

        Johan Giesecke, Anders Tegnell and the Swedish politicians who let them do their stuff are modern time heroes.

        Here in France, we got it absurdly wrong all the way long. It’s like we’re in an episode of Homer Simpson where he was in charge of our health.

  2. Betty Gibbs says:

    See the last appendix for the CDC recommendations for schools for young children. Draconian! Would apply to colleges as well. Several professors I know are uncertain about what their classes will look like this fall.
    This over-reaction needs to stop, but it seems to be well seated in people’s consciousness.

  3. Hi Tony. I’m speaking from Portugal where we are going towards Socialism at the speed of light…
    I saw your video, and I see where you are coming from. I am against any kind of lock-down since day one, and my view has been consolidated with the numbers related with COVID reported by all Countries as weeks go by. However, I believe this is an opportunity to reflect on the issue of Public Schools. I think you are well aware of the propaganda that Government is feeding to our children: “Climate Change”, “Gender Policies”, “Toxic Masculinity”, etc. This Prussian model for Government Schools is what gives us the Heard Mentality, instead of Heard Immunity (in this crisis in particular). You have been doing a great job at debunking fake science and fake news all these years. I know you are aware you are a minority, and most School-aged kids wont even understand what you are saying, precisely of what they are being taught in Schools. Schools, are the Government primary tool to engineer propaganda obedient citizens. The result will be complying lizard-people that will believe for a fact in all the things promoted by institutions like the CDC or the NY Times, while dismissing any kind of evidence-based analysis. Is that what we really want? More people at Greta T. BS rally’s?
    In my opinion, this is a time to consider Home-schooling, since most of schools are teaching remotely already anyway… Consider for example, the “Ron Paul Curriculum”, where you wont be teaching propaganda nonsense to your kids. It’s an great opportunity to put our children on a path of Liberty and Truth, so they learn how to make their own judgement on Life.

    Remember that all Governments tend to Socialism as they grow bigger and bigger. It’s Governments natural path. We, the people have to prevent that from happening, although the task is increasingly harder to achieve. Governments use our money against us.
    In conclusion, we should not let schools (and Government) get in the way of our education.

    I love your videos. Thank you for doing what you do.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Tony your video mentions Denmark reopening schools but your criticism is that Sweden did not close schools. Please correct this. Otherwise I enjoy your commentary

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