New Video : The Not So Novel Coronavirus

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  1. Thomas Ryan says:

    Tony, google Westport, CT covid 19 and read about this house party. On March 13 there was a party for 40 people to celebrate a birthday. A high school classmate, 76 years old, attended. He and everyone else contracted covid 19. It took him 3 days to shake it off. And he is high risk. In Marin County, CA where I am trapped, our rate of infection is 0.003%. Yet we are locked up. 22 deaths out of a population of over 250,000. This is madness.
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

  2. Liam says:

    Not just New York and Italy!

  3. Liam says:

    The only thing that will cure this madness is a Class Action taken by relatives of deceased nursing home residents or an action taken on behalf of those who have missed a diagnosis because of the unavailability of hospitals or expected medical care. We are generally told in Ireland that mammogram screening saves womens’ lives, yet right now the screening has stopped. The results we can expect from that decision are obvious.

  4. Liam says:

    Suspension of life saving diagnostics. No new deaths recorded for Covid-19 in Ireland yesterday.

    • William says:

      Same here, tried to make an appointment with my “doctor” but the clinic is closed until at least August. They aren’t seeing any sick people because they might be sick. I have a link to only to see what lunacy The State will impose next. Masks are already required, now they are talking about face shields. They can be helpful “to people who depend on lip-reading”. Well, there ya go. Other articles linked, if anyone is interested: “Alligator that belonged to Adolf Hitler dies in Moscow (???) ” “Tom Brady experiences wardrobe malfunction”. The surrealism escalates, a nightmare without end

  5. DM says:

    SUPERB. Many thanks, Tony

    Maine’s Phase I validates and broadens the scope of Tony’s main point. Phase I neglected the most vulnerable to dying with WuWhoFlu. It hurt almost everyone else. Worse, it FAILED to flatten the curve.

    Phase I FAILED to protect directly the most vulnerable EVEN THOUGH public health officials KNEW the traits of the most vulnerable. It FAILED to enhance anti-infectious disease precautions in congregate care facilities; so, as of late April–the last time info is available–about 55% of Maine’s C19 related deaths involved congregate care residents. It FAILED to offer the option of state paid leave to working people with KNOWN co-morbidities not able to work from home.

    Instead, Phase I HURT the LEAST vulnerable.

    AFTER 200,000 or so school age Mainers were DENIED schooling, the # of new confirmed C19 cases per week amongst them ROSE 10x. A reasonable person could have anticipated an increase: How are school officials going to keep home latch key kids? One can also expect MORE idle school age kids to die from motor vehicle accidents, other accidents, suicides and overdoses than from C19. Roughly 85-120 kids die each year from accidents, suicides and overdoses. 0, ZERO kids have died with C19 to date.

    Phase I DEVASTATED Maine’s already precarious healthcare sector. Almost 11,700 healthcare & social assistance workers have filed unemployment claims since Phase I began. That is 45x the # of people hospitalized with C19. Mainers NEEDING postponable hospital services (cancer screenings, joint replacements … ) have been DENIED about $450 million worth of such services to date.

    Since Phase was implemented, 20% of the state’s workforce has filed unemployment claims. That works out to be 1765 unemployment claims PER death with C19.

    Unemployment claims are just part of the misery. Around 30% of Maine’s working families are struggling with Phase I’s adverse financial consequences. The 30% includes laid off workers, the still employed whose paychecks have shriveled, and their dependents. One can reasonably expect idleness and financial hardship to increase amongst them anxiety / stress related deaths (heart attacks, suicides, overdoses … ), domestic murders and deaths caused by NEEDED healthcare services delayed as a consequence of unemployment.

    Misery was NEEDLESSLY INFLICTED on Mainers because Phase I FAILED to flatten the curve. Instead, the curve flattened as a result of precautions Mainers WILLINGLY implemented weeks BEFORE Phase I was inflicted on them. The VOLUNTARY measures include social distancing, businesses allowing employees to work at home, churches switching to online services, municipal offices limiting contact with the public and other EFFECTIVE, VOLUNTARY precautions.

    In summary, Maine Phase I–like fauxci measures implemented by other foolish governors–violated a fundamental healthcare tenet. The tenet is: HELP or do NOT hurt. Phase I did the opposite.

    I pray deplorables across the US have suffered enough to DEMAND that beginning NOW elected & public health officials implement ANTI C19 battle plans that directly protect the vulnerable and trust everyone else to make decisions appropriate to their circumstances.

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