Twitter Censoring The President Of The United States

President Trump says he is willing to use the National Guard to protect the citizenry of Minneapolis, and Twitter has censored him for saying this. Social media is completely out of control, and has been engaged in a coup against the President for the past four years.

It looks like the White House is prepared for this battle.

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3 Responses to Twitter Censoring The President Of The United States

  1. Gator says:

    Was he also glorifying looting?

    What about this guy?

    Francis Maxwell @francismmaxwell
    When you’ve spent the best part of four years vilifying a black man for peacefully taking a knee to shed light on police brutality, to the point he lost his job, you don’t get to all of a sudden make the rules on how black people voice their pain.

  2. G W Smith says:

    This is where the left leads us — every time! — chaos, destruction, and insanity.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Twitter is not a platform for people to post their character limited comments, it is publisher who will censure comments, and ban people from their publishing platform. Censuring and banning all who have the temerity to try to use “free speech”.

    Hopefully others like ‘Gab’, ‘’,’’, ‘Plurk’, ‘The Dots’, ‘Ello’, ‘Care2’, ‘Mastodon’ and ‘Peeks’ (Peeks formerly known as Keek — ‘Twitter for videos’ with text messaging) will gain all that twitter ban and more, while offering real uncensored platforms.
    Let an open markets reign, freeing the public from socialist stupidity.

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