BBC Astonished By Normalcy

The BBC is astonished by 30C temperatures in the Arctic near Scandinavia.

During the summer of 1927, temperatures over 32C were persistent in that same region.

30 Sep 1927 – WOMEN MOTORISTS – Trove

Children were sunbathing near the North Pole.


During June, the Arctic receives more solar radiation than any place else on Earth. Warm temperatures there this time of year are not surprising.

Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget

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5 Responses to BBC Astonished By Normalcy

  1. Good spot, Tony

    And here’s the KNMI data for nearby station showing 30C temps are commonplace there:

  2. Theyouk says:

    Slightly OT, but I thought you might enjoy this Tony. In looking at the history of Negro Bar (Folsom CA; gold rush country), I found a gem of a diary from someone living there in the mid-1800’s. While temperatures mentioned are not ‘official’, they certainly indicate that there’s nothing new here–although the post-mining, barren landscapes may likely have been hotter in summer than the current partly-wooded environs.

    “July twenty-first. The heat is almost unbearable. I am satisfied if it is only 100 degrees; but usually it is 100 to 118 degrees in the shade, and in this heat we have to work without even a refreshing drink. August first. To-day we had bad news. The canal had broken again. It takes at least a week to repair it, and if the company does not guard it most carefully, it will be broken again, for we have rascals aplenty around here. Only a few days ago, there was another murder; four robbers killed a man and then took $140 from him. To be sure, the rascals were caught and will shortly be hanged, as they deserve. But still there are plenty more at liberty. August second. This burning heat continues constantly. For several weeks the thermometer has registered 108 degrees from 12 till 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Not a drop of rain has fallen for several months and none can be expected for three months to come.”

    Full details here:

  3. Brian D says:

    Ever since Obama, the liberals have gone (in the word of the Fonz) NUTSO!!

    BTW watch Greenland this week. Wx models suggesting quite a bit of snow in the next few days.

  4. tom0mason says:

    It’s the BBC —

  5. Caleb Shaw says:

    Great post, Tony.

    I especially liked the graphic showing how much solar radiation the Pole receives during the 24-hour daylight of the summer. More than the equator! It explains how there could be jungles up there, before the continents drifted to their current arrangement.

    (I read somewhere there were hippos up there in the Eocene. Or some hippo-forbear. Those hippos must have had hairy coats to get through the winter, and then shed worse than my dog when summer came about.)

    In actual fact we should be surprised the arctic retains any sea-ice at all in the summer. Thinking about inspired a grouchy post with parts that might make you chuckle:

    I continue to be struck by the amount of sheer balderdash passing as news. I think the media has gone mad. It makes all the pseudoscience regarding sea-ice almost seem quaint and old-fashioned. The general public really does all go mad together. Let’s hope they awake-one-by-one in a hurry, before November.

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