Flashback Sunday – To 1968

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  1. Steve Case says:

    I see the people on horse back near the had to surrender to political correctness and have helmets. So far the liberals haven’t figured out a way to install seat belts on horses. They will solve that “problem” by banning horse back riding at some future date.

  2. Scissor says:

    I recall 1968 fondly.

    My father used to work my uncle’s country store on Sunday afternoons and I got to go with him and I had freedom to explore. I caught frogs and snakes and turtles and developed my slingshot skills. I was a little boy without a care in the world. When I was done exploring, I would frequency get a Frostie Rootbeer and a bag of M&Ms. Sometimes I would dump the M&Ms into the Frostie and make a mess.

  3. Eric Schneider says:

    Amazingly I also went to that rugged camp, for five summers! When I heard that it was in CO and there was a gathering for services on granite rocks on Sunday I knew. (BTW, it was in the evening not morning and called “Sunday Vespers” which means in the evening). It is also in Florissant, not South Park. I too knew Trip Friendly but began in 1972. It is sad to hear that they shut down the riflery range for political reasons. I spent a lot of time there and did NRA training as well.

    The Woodstock concert and Apollo 11 were in ’69, not ’68 (though the Hong Kong Flu spanned ’68 and ’69)!

    I know the Vedauwoo Climbing Area and had a fateful hike amid those beautifully hued cliffs were where the young Arapahos went on their Vision Quests. I got caught in a sudden and dangerous blizzard.

    Tony- I did not see your email address on your site (perhaps to protect you from deranged ideologues?). Please drop me a line when you get the chance.

  4. Hazze says:

    68 was also the upstart of the horrible ideas we suffer under today.. but we will regain hope in civilisation again.

  5. Mark A Luhman says:

    Love the wild Iris. Question did you check for ticks on your dogs and self after your walk or does Wyoming not have a problem with them. As a native Minnesotan this time of the year in Minnestupid they are terrible!

  6. G W Smith says:

    Beautiful day to be alive!

  7. Abolition Man says:

    Thanks Tony! Hard to go wrong with Mark Knopfler on guitar! Would you please consider doing something with Barber’s “Adagio for Strings?” Maybe a requiem for life on Earth as the Evil CO2 wipes out one species after another and the Earth turns a deeper shade of green. Thanks for the paintbrush, iris and larkspur in particular!

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