Just A Coincidence … No Doubt

I’ve never met anyone who is a white supremacist, and I have never met anyone who believes that black lives don’t matter. But for some reason the press pushes these same conspiracy theories once every four years, and gives their full tactical support to rioters and looters. Just a coincidence, no doubt.

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9 Responses to Just A Coincidence … No Doubt

  1. G W Smith says:

    The left is predictable and the masses are ignorant. Modern media just makes it more obvious.

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    I disagree with GW Smith when he says the masses are ignorant. The masses sit quietly back and weigh up the evidence. We are not taken in by the political spin or biased reporting.
    The evidence is there for all to see. The spin doctors and learned guru’s of the press, got it so horribly wrong with Brexit, the elections of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and the re-election of Scott Morrison in Australia.
    We are not taken in by BLM protests, all lives matter.
    We all see the glaring stupidity of the mayor of Minneapolis, when all he did was fire four police over the death of George Floyd.
    We are not taken in by the press continually labeling gangs of arsonists and looters, as “protesters”.
    We can all see people blatantly disobeying police who are under orders to clear the streets, then screaming they are “victims” of some horrendous crime.
    We can all see that those who were hit by rubber bullets, should not have been doing what they were doing, or should not have been where they were.
    “We the people” will have our say at the ballot box, and the rabid left and their supporters in the media, will still not get it!

    • G W Smith says:

      Ignorance means to ignore; it does not mean stupid. The masses do not “weigh up the evidence,” they follow the crowd in the street. You have obviously evolved above them. The dims need followers to be as ignorant as possible, but smart enough to throw a rock, and cast a vote.

    • johnbuk says:

      Agreed Peter Carroll. Just because we aren’t screaming daily on Twitter or Facebook or whatever else passes for the public arena these days, doesn’t mean we aren’t watching and waiting. We are outside the ‘bubble’ and prefer to remain so.

  3. DM says:

    In 2016, BLM was used by legacy media and Dem operatives to increase black voter turn out for an off putting, old, white woman. It tried to do so by VICTIMIZING blacks and intensifying existing racial grievances.

    In 2020, BLM’s role is to suppress black voter turn out for President Trump. The means are similar: Victimize blacks and intensify racial grievances.

    Blacks lives do NOT matter to BLM, the legacy media or “progressives”–except when killing and harming blacks can be used to advance political goals. Need proof? NO OUTRAGE has been expressed over the at least 1 doz. people killed DURING the rioting & looting that followed Mr. Floyd’s death. NO OUTRAGE was expressed about the at least hundreds and quite probably thousands more people of color KILLED in the wake of “Hands up / Don’t shoot”. People of color KILLED MORE people of color BECAUSE police, under political pressure, pulled back from KNOWN HIGH crime areas.

    It is time for everyone to heed Booker T. Washington’s warning about “problem profiteers”.

  4. The ignorant masses says:

    I guess I’m too ignorant to really voice and opinion on this subject…but I think that police violence sucks…almost as much as mobs burning down buildings suck…None of the aforementioned suck as much as the lying mass media, however.

  5. Steph Jasque says:

    I disagree with Peter Carroll when he says that “The masses sit quietly back and weigh up the evidence.” To sit back quietly and weigh up the evidence requires looking at different viewpoints. Many people are caught up in groupthink and many others have been so indoctrinated that to them there is no legitimate alternative to their blinkered views. I believe these two types make up a sizable portion of the “masses” who mindlessly refuse to see the real truth about global warming, real social justice, the lies we are fed about Covid-19 and the like.

  6. pinroot says:

    They also roll David Duke out every four years so the Republican candidates can disavow him.

  7. bedford says:

    There is a Military term for what we are seeing in the media….
    “Perception Management.” The progressives ” own or control” most of the media that reaches the bulk of the population. The content is intended to persuade your opinions and influence your vote, your purchases, your view of the world. Notice how quickly Hollywood produces movie and tv content that mirrors the “perception ” being pushed.
    Working people are short of time and rely on the media to “inform” them. This is the worst I have seen this. When watching media, keep in mind you are being worked.
    Your perception of the world is being molded for a purpose.

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