“Mass Government Homicide”

Denis Rancourt (Physics PhD, climate skeptic and Ontario Civil Libertarian) has confirmed my beliefs that excess mortality from COVID-19 was directly due to government action which killed large numbers of vulnerable people. This included Italy and New York sending thousands of sick people to nursing homes. No sane or rational person would think up an idea that evil, much less multiple governments doing the same thing.

(PDF) All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response

Editorial: Whitmer order endangers nursing homes; end it now

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9 Responses to “Mass Government Homicide”

  1. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    The increase in energy prices in the UK (which is well-studied) shows each year an increase in the number of excess deaths attributable to chronic under-heating as the elderly are forced to choose between food or fuel. The number for 2018 was 50,000 excess deaths. This is up from ~33,000 in the previous two years.

    How will the COVID-19 impact be separated from the cold or wet winters? The spike? After the wettest February ever, what happened in terms of pneumonia rate the poor and elderly? It will be interesting to see the stats for excess deaths in the winter of 2019-20.

    • arn says:

      Impossible during global warming
      and considering how much these people pretend care for a single
      life Corbyn would rip himself into pieces to stop this :)

  2. G W Smith says:

    Evil or ignorant? Hard to tell. Possibly both. So sad we have the blind driving our bus and that so few who can see don’t want the job.

  3. John Tice says:

    No question about this.

  4. Robert Iasky says:

    The Big tech companies from silicon Valley have now stopped pretending. They’re all out and desperately trying to censor conservatives in order to influence the November elections.

    I encourage everyone to join and be active on “Parler”, a great alternative to Tweeter & Facebook, without any censorship. Many have already turned to Parler


  5. Netprophet says:

    Governors in Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all engaged in the same practice of euthanizing the elderly by forcing positive tested COVID patients into nursing homes turning them into slaughterhouses. These Governors are all Democrats and all probably support euthanasia. We’re in Ocean City NJ today biking along the boardwalk where most shops are closed. Every few minutes a loudspeaker announces by Governor order everyone should maintain 6 ft distance and wear masks despite the fact that not one single study shows masks are effective in stopping the spread. I would say about 4% of the people are wearing them. The wind is at least 20 mph. People know when they’re being deceived.

    • tonyheller says:

      Euthanasia implies a compassionate death. Infecting people with COVID-19 was not compassionate.

    • Disillusioned says:

      We’re in Ocean City NJ today biking along the boardwalk where most shops are closed.

      On June 03, for no logical reason other than to control the people, bankrupt small business owners and decimate the economy – that is not only a travesty, it is tyranny.

  6. Jeremiah says:

    As I have reflected on the ever increasing evidence that the forceful integration of elderly, Covid positive individuals, into nursing homes in “certain” states/ jurisdictions, has indeed occurred; I cannot help but, to entertain the possibility of a planned “reduction” of a predictably conservative voting block…..the elderly. Heinous, I know… but, these are truly insane people/ organizations(read: Stalinists, Maoists, Technocrats, coporatists and yes, even satanists) that are attempting the virtual overthrow of the west.

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