New Video : Climate Devastation Along I-80

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6 Responses to New Video : Climate Devastation Along I-80

  1. nfw says:

    I don’t know about any others having watched that video but I was appalled. What does Cretin Dumberg have to say?

  2. Sharpshooter says:

    Wyoming? West of Laramie?

  3. Michael Spencer says:

    Al Gore was right! Clearly, it’s the end of the World. Oh woe!

    (Send Money.)

  4. Awful, just awful. Anyone can see how the US is destroying the world!

    Here in the coal capital of the Southern Hemisphere the devastation is so terrible I only had six wild bird species sit on my arm yesterday. Sulfur-crested cockatoo, noisy miner, Australian magpie, pied butcherbird, rainbow lorikeet and a laughing kookaburra. The previous day I had a grey butcherbird as well, but not the magpie, so I’m hoping to break my record with a full set of seven sometime soon.

  5. Dave of SLO says:

    See a lot of dead trees. Beetle? Drought? Both? Normal?

  6. Bruce Dale says:

    Aren’t there a lot of wind turbines along I-80?

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