New Video : Stalin vs. JFK

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  1. The Shellenberger article is back up on the Forbes site

  2. Jeff L. says:

    I read the Forbes piece yesterday. I guess I should not be surprised that it’s gone now.

  3. aeroearth says:

    Another splendid piece Tony!
    I choose not to regard communists as “progressives” because their policies and actions are clearly the exact opposite of that. There is absolutely nothing progressive in quashing freedom of speech, disallowing freedom of thought, crushing all opposition with violence and destruction and divesting people of their possessions. Indoctrination in place of education. They are of course REGRESSIVES. Without the Western world, Russia and China would be back in the medieval dark ages, which is precisely where the communists intend to drive us.
    By describing themselves as “progressives”, that is simply another communist propaganda lie.

  4. William Edward Balzar says:

    I know many liberals who don’t want to scratch even 1 micrometer beneath the surface of the reporting by the mainstream media. The will vote for Biden because they’ve been told that he is a good guy. That’s all they want to know and it is really scary! Even when I explain that today’s Democrats condone the rioting, violence, destruction, and loss of the right to free speech, they just tell me that I am being a conspiracy theorist. Several quotes describe “Fear” as the most powerful motivator. The Left has taken that to heart: Just look at today’s headlines and read doom and fear in the way all of them are constructed. Never tell the whole truth, only tell the scary part!

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    This is latest video of yours on YouTube, in England anyway. I hit the thumbs up button but ,as it was in the thousands the number didn’t change. Fair enough but what if it wasn’t counted? Previously I had watched one of the excellent economist Richard Werner being interviewed. I hit the thumbs up and the count went DOWN !

    • Disillusioned says:


      Methinks the thieves dropped it while you were watching the video. When you hit the thumbs up it refreshed the count, and had nothing to do with your thumbs up.

      It is sad that the social media barons think nothing of this type of artificial changing of views and likes, the silencing through arbitrary bans and shadow bans, etc. – of people they see as their political enemies, simply for expressing their points of view.

      Social media tallies are about as meaningless as Covid “cases”.

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