The World’s Leading Climate Experts


Hopefully Leo will arrive on his 450 foot diesel powered yacht.

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12 Responses to The World’s Leading Climate Experts

  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    What a select group!

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    Forget your worlds leading climate experts, Leo et. al.
    The Dalai Lama has the answer.
    According to a BBC interview on June 13th, His Holiness says, “If seven billion people develop a, ‘sense of oneness’, they may yet unite to solve the problem of climate change”.
    Should I tell AOC, or will you Tony? Could you develop a sense of ‘oneness’, with her, or will your wife object?

  3. arn says:

    There is no ecologically better way to watch a football(soccer) world champion ship in brazil than using a yacht with the size of 2 football fields.

    Especially a Yacht owned by a billionaire from a mysogenistic dictatorship
    while being pro female rights.

    And there is no better way to proof your point than using people who get paid for reading scripts others have written.

  4. Carla says:

    You forgot to tell the story about the nice teak deck on his yacht, fresh from the rainforest.

  5. G W Smith says:

    They’re all hoping if they kiss up enough he’ll give them a ride in his boat.

  6. Never heard of any of them?
    Squirts under pressure?
    Agent costs?

  7. Gary Seymour says:

    The Topaz is owned by Shaikh Mansour, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. He is the minister of presidential affairs and a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi.

    Slapping DiCaprio’s face over the yacht’s image doesn’t make it “his 450 foot diesel powered yacht”.

    And please, it is 485 foot long.

    • KevinPaul says:

      Either way I’m sure the conference will be bursting with pedants, secure in their own hubris and group think, we’ve seen it all before, muppet junkets.

    • spike55 says:

      DiCaprio’s contribution to lowering fossil fuel use and “saving the planet”. ;-)

    • Gator says:

      Yep, the hypocrite rents that yacht, and it is 453 feet long. Leo has rented other larger yachts, and obviously believes that stupid lefties will not notice that he has zero principles, and will do what they are told by their betters.

  8. Christina Pihl says:

    Hi Tony, When a person is new to your site, it would be great with an introduction article (like you have on your science background), e.g. ‘newcomers start here’. How can you be sure that climate alarmism is not at all what it is cooked up to be? After all, from mainstream news we hear that many thousand scientists collectively warn of a catastrophe, so who am I to say to my relatives that your conclusions are right (=a single scientist)? We are probably all been guilty of leaning back and saying that ‘scientists knows, so I don’t need to bother myself’. It would be great with your information about:
    Do scientists collectively agree to this climate alarm, as is said in mainstream news? What other scientists agree with you? Is there a forum for other individual scientists who support your science? how many? What is a climate scientist’s background?
    How do we know that life thrives with more CO2 (where is this evidence from? I just saw a picture of how it was many million years ago – but it was not an ‘official’ picture – who is the source of it? How do we actually know how CO2 levels were many thousand years ago?
    And then some of the junk science (some of the changed data from NASA – or where they make up data where no weather stations are etc.)
    Or you could consider a FAQ where the most normal arguments by climate alarmists are answered.

    • Gator says:

      Seriously? Did you not see the many helpful links in the black box at the top of the page, right beneath Toto?

      And science is not defined by popular opinion. The science says very clearly that the climate we are experiencing is boringly uneventful. Absolutely nothing new under the Sun.

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