Twitter Cheating Analysis

My Twitter follower count increased monotonically for many years, until  a month or two ago. But twitter seems to have implemented an algorithm where they remove old followers at about the same rate which I get new ones.

An increased rate of new followers is immediately met with an increased removal of old followers. This is the exact opposite of what would be expected behavior on a level playing field.

None of the unfollowers I have contacted actually unfollowed me. The most common dirty trick used by twitter is to declare an account to be “temporarily restricted” and set their following count to zero.

Patrick Moore and many other conservatives have observed the same thing.

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6 Responses to Twitter Cheating Analysis

  1. nfw says:

    Twitter a level playing field? Tell ’em they’re joking.

  2. James says:

    Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order. A lot could be learned during the discovery phase. Even though I haven’t been unfollowed, I would give my donation to the cause.

  3. Peter Renzland says:

    This afternoon I was *BLOCKED* from following @Tony_Heller, after posting twitter
    response in that thread. I certainly did not “unfollow” of my own free will and accord.

    Have I become one of those mysterious “Unfollowers”?

    I can think of two possible explanations:

    1. Twitter did it.
    2. Tony did it.

    Case 1, I imagine that Tony will be glad to know, and happy to unblock me.
    Case 2, … It would not be the first time I’m “banned” for a skeptical or unorthodox point
    of view, … but unexpected and disappointing in this case.

    — Peter Renzland, Toronto

  4. Pat Frank says:

    The same thing appears to be happening to the Twitter commentary on my peer-reviewed and published paper

    that shows climate models are unable to resolve the effect, if any, of CO2 on the climate and that climate models have no predictive value.

    The paper previously achieved in excess of 1135 followers and an Altimetric score of 1003, but is now down to 1120 followers and an Altimetric of 970.

  5. Leonard Harris says:

    I would happily contribute a small donation towards the cost of a class action law suit. the outcome of even the discovery phase would be quite revealing and hopefully produce some good consequences.

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