New Video : Fake News Works

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  1. Vegieman says:

    Tony, Thank you for your relentless effort in exposing the lies and the holding up the banner of truth. You are a light in the black hole of the mainstream media. Not too much good news left to hear but from a few places like this site. I appreciate your remaining steadfast even to the point of patronizing the few small places left that aren’t caving to the beast. I too am fortunate to live in a location where this is still possible. If I lived closer, I would stop by to visit with some fresh produce, eggs, and a chicken for the grill. It is also encouraging to hear from the rest of you out there that speak this same language of truth, reason, and sanity. Stay the course. Thanks again.

  2. nfw says:

    Oh Mr Heller, YouTube (totalitarian authoritarian censorious non-platform that it is) is not removing views, it is simply “homogenising” them. you know, the same way the Australian BoM makes annoying historical temperature data disappear, er I mean, acceptable.

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