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  1. nfw says:

    But, but, but if gummints say the disease is disappearing that might mean it has all been a giant con. And if it’s all been a giant con that means it was all for nothing except their power and stupidity. Can’t have that.

    • John Francis says:

      There were still people dying from it.
      Peaking March to late may.
      Could it have been aerosolized and released into populations on purpose?
      Remember the subway virus experiments years ago in NYC ??
      Something is rotten in Denmark.
      Where is George S.??

  2. nfw says:

    Good to see death takes Sundays off. The graph should be flat or this there something special about Monday and Tuesday deaths?

    • MrGrimNasty says:

      Just working practices. It makes no meaningful difference to the overall picture, but you can find the version by actual date of death or with 7/8 day running average if you like.

    • Ben Vorlich says:

      Most UK Registrars of Births Deaths and Marriages have the weekends off. It usully takes until Wednesday to catch up

  3. ROBERT A GRISE says:

    they’re doing the same thing in Minnesota where I live at the peak we had 40 deaths per day two or three months ago and now we’re at 4 deaths per day from covid-19 three of the four are nursing home residents and starting Saturday we have mandatory wearing of mask rules. some have speculated that the purpose of this is when the virus totally disappears The mask rule will be credited for it. Its clear the virus got weaker or herd immunity caused the end of the pandemic in minnesota

    • David Reich says:

      Same thing here in Montgomery County PA where there is a population of 831,000. In May we had 394 deaths; 113 in June and so far 19 in July; only 1 in the last week. Yet on July 1 our Democrat Governor issued a mandatory mask edict. Like Minn, avg age of death is 81 and 80% of decedents lived in nursing homes. I think Toto would not like Governors whose last names begin with “W” and are 4 letter words.

    • Robertv says:

      “The number of new coronavirus cases in the Netherlands rose by 214 on Sunday – the highest daily increase since June 7, according to new official figures.

      There has been a slight upward trend in the number of new infections in the Netherlands in recent days, and requests for tests have been rising at a rate of around 1,000 a day, website reported at the weekend.

      At the same time, the number of people being treated in hospital for coronavirus fell to 67 on Sunday, with a further 16 people in intensive care. This is the lowest number of coronavirus hospital patients in recent months.”

      “Meanwhile, Feike Sijbesma, appointed by the government to advise on wider coronavirus strategy and to boost testing capacity, has told ministers they should take action now to prevent the possibility of a second coronavirus wave.”

    • Absolam says:

      Then you have to consider all the reports of infections and deaths being inflated anywhere from 4 to 10 times more than actual. The stats we are getting then, are even less than less.

  4. MrGrimNasty says:

    There are 2 main possibilities I guess, either herd immunity is close or the virus is only really a noticeable/dangerous infection in a small minority of the population – and most of that minority has now either died and/or is being successfully shielded. (A third, that they are now pushing in the UK, is that it is seasonally abating, there will be another wave this winter?)

    It is ridiculous that at the point you would not suspect an unknown agent were killing people (the case now if we weren’t testing for it), we are being dehumanised with face masks. It is strange how all the media coverage is so overwhelmingly in support when they speak to members of the public, yet over the last few weeks and even yesterday, no one was shopping in my local supermarket with a mask on.

    Celeb Caprice was not 100% right obviously, but she was more right than the ‘expert’. Notice how the Doctor appeals to authority and Vine supports her, and how the Doctor claims Caprice (citing the WHO!) cannot argue unless she has read every scientific paper on the issue (clearly the Dr has not either).

  5. Felton Suthon says:

    I “run” each morning (at age 61, it’s diminished greatly). As I walk back to the house, people walking the other way will go walk in a busy street to avoid me – it’s crazy! Our human community is the fundamental essence of our humanity. Add to that closed schools and churches – also fundamental sources of comfort and community. There are several churches in my area that still have not opened for services since mid-March.

  6. Valpot says:

    It’s hard to believe this isn’t all about control, because every single country, regardless of the level of infection, behaved exactly the same way. Why are they all pushing masks now? I agree with John Waters (irish man in the video) – masks are to dehumanise, separate us, and see each other as the enemy. I’m sure destroying the US economy to get rid of Donald Trump is a big motivation but I think it’s more than that.

  7. G W Smith says:

    Reality is shouting louder and louder at us and our “leaders” have their fingers in their ears. Authoritarians hate individualism and seek to suppress it any chance they get. Mandating masks is a new power that’s been handed to them and they can’t resist abusing it.

  8. Cynical Seamus says:

    I’m fully behind what the Irish guy in the video said – and said so eloquently. A report in Nature says that although the surgical masks reduced the droplets (>5um) reasonably well, the reduction in aerosols (< 5um) was much, much less. The patients tested were suffering from any combination of that season's 'flu, rhinovirus (head cold) and coronavirus ('common' cold). Interestingly, 29% (72 out of 246) patients exhibited no symptoms (didn't cough) – and the researchers were unable to detect any virus particles in patient's exhalation, WITH OR WITHOUT MASKS! To me, the logical conclusion from that result is that if you are not coughing – 'presymptomatic' or asymptomatic – then you are not infectious. I'm sure that someone who advises our 'betters' has found this research and the paper mentioned by Tony in his 'why do surgeons wear masks' post – which I can't access in the UK. This suggests that either those in charge are incompetent or have an ulterior motive. And most worrying, those of my generation and my son's generation seem to take the attitude "Well, I just keep my head down and get on. If it makes others feel better . . . " /rant

  9. GCsquared says:

    I’m having problems with your interpretation. You’re hypothesis is that the reason for the statisitical behavior is
    1. the onset of herd immunity

    But there are other hypotheses that would also explain, or at least impact, the graphs that you’re interpreting:
    2. Increasing public concern and care (including mask use, spotty or regimented)
    3. Weakening of the COVID strain(s).
    4. Warmer summer weather.
    5. Impact of non-COVID coronavirus colds that might impart T-cell robustness.
    6. Changes and corruption in testing and counting.
    7. Rise and fall of mass demonstrations.

    I’ve been going over the data at worldometer and Johns Hopkins sites and behavior at different places isn’t even consistent. Just compare New York and New Jersey. You’d think that epidemiologits at WHO or CDC would be smart enough to disentangle this by constructing GOOD models, but NOOOOO!

    An example of their professional incompetence: it’s just dawning on testers that when the infected population fraction is small, the smart thing to do is batch test: you mix together blood samples from many people, but few enough so the chances of having an infected person in the batch is small. Then just test the batch. Most of the time, you’ll get a negative, and everyone in the batch will be cleared. If you get a positive, then you can retest in smaller batches until you zero in on the individual. (You can also afford to retest each batch multiple times to make the test more reliable.) Didn’t epidemiologists have this worked out already? Why did they wait months to do it?

    Also, “All of the scientific research shows that masks are not effective at stopping viruses.” Not sure I agree with your “all”. As the chief epidemiologist of South Korea said in an interview, if masks weren’t effective, why do health workers wear them? A couple more points:

    i) The main function of a mask isn’t to stop virus particles themselves, but the much larger virus-carrying spittle droplets which actually transport most of expelled viruses (viruses can be airborn, but from droplets that vaporize before hitting the ground).
    ii) No filter of any kind is 100% effective, but to the extent that wearing a mask reduces COVID exposure, it’s good. You’re better off catching COVID from a low viral load than a bigger one (you might even inoculate yourself with a small enough dose).

    Having said all this, it would be wonderful if you’re right.

  10. Ben Vorlich says:

    According to some things I’ve read deaths from Flu in the UK outnumber CV19 and total deaths are below average for the time of year.

  11. Walt Lafford says:

    I created a new face mask which may have some value in protecting us. Tried to post this on Facebook but it keeps disappearing, can’t figure out why.

  12. Penelope says:

    Why do health workers wear masks if they’re not effective, asks GC squared.
    Answer: because they are mandated by their irrational employers. A year ago I met a hospital worker who has to wear a mask year-round cuz she won’t take the flu vaccine.
    The amount of mercury in it is nearly 26,000 times as much as the amount of mercury allowed in drinking water (51,000 parts per billion and 2 parts per billion, respectively. She and others feel that an annual dose could be problematical. Nor does the flu vaccine prevent flu. There are reasons not to take it

  13. nfw says:

    I have trouble believing the graph which says “Death per Day” from Wuhan Virus flu and shows 1000 death on a daily basis. Talk about dodgy stats.

  14. nfw says:

    What I find amazing about the mouth arrest device wearers is they virtue signal by wearing a mouth arrest device but then remove it to talk. Now let me see, when would there be more contagion (yeah right) being expelled from the mouth? When the wearer has the mouth arrest device up when talking or when the talker has the mouth arrest device down? As they don’t care they don’t think and just virtue signal. Power hungry morons giving the orders and stupid low IQ cowards following them.

  15. Jagster says:

    Arizona has been masked up for at least a month and we are still getting 3,500 cases per day, actually 3700 yesterday in 107 degree heat. This video shows why masks do very little to help.

  16. Larry in Texas says:

    Tony – thanks for your diligent work on the sneaky efforts of certain people to exaggerate the dangers of COVID-19. I want to ask you to look into something: the website, which shows the same kinds of graphs as you show in your videos (maybe this is where you are getting your information from, I hope) has the graph for the daily death totals in the United States over time up to July 25. If you can check it out at the site, you will be able to tell how much this graph looks like a roller coaster. The ups and downs of the recent two months seem quite crazy to me. Do you think the shape of this graph can be attributed to the fact that there have been delays in reporting, meaning that the deaths occurred much earlier than the date of their reporting? Or to the fact that (I believe) many of the deaths reported in the daily statistics are not at all due to COVID-19, but to other causes altogether or in combination? Which of course means that if these deaths were either eliminated altogether or properly reported, the curve would look far smoother, and particularly on a clear downward trend. I will be interested in what you think (even though I know there isn’t enough information to be able to properly adjust the data to find out the real answer in this instance.

    Keep up the great work. Deborah Castleman recommended me to your videos, so give her a shout out when you can, too, please.

  17. TRM says:

    This is a pro-mask study (I like to read both sides). This part sort of jumped out at me.

    It uses mortality numbers which have tons of problems but …. If the numbers are comparable between countries (big if) it would explain why some countries with mandatory masks are doing very poorly like Mexico where they have a higher compliance with mask wearing than Japan yet way more cases & deaths.

    Masks Early vs Late (page 18):

    Do check out “Figure 1” on page 18.

    Masks by day 15 make a huge difference. Masks by day 16-30 have some effect. No masks or masks after day 60 (where we are) forget about it.

    This assumes the mortality numbers are arrived at and accounted for consistently from country to country which we know is not the case. Even if (big if) you accept that they are comparable, that ship has sailed for us as we passed the 60 day point a quite a while ago.

  18. Morgan in Sweden says:

    Latest report from Sweden, the country where very few people use any mask. New cases with Covid-19 are rapidly decreasing. Last week there were approximately 40% fewer cases than the week before. This Sunday, 42 cases were reported in the whole country, lowest figure for one day since early mars. Past 3 days there has been no new patients coming into intensive care. Death rate is declining fast as well. At the same time media in Sweden continue to complaint about that the tourist areas are crowded. It obviously does not matter any more. Now comes the question, has Anders Tegnell (Swedens top scientist regarding Covid-19) the guts to skip the restrictions concerning a maximum of 50 people in an area (People does not follow this anyhow).

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