New Video : Kamala Harris Explains Democracy

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6 Responses to New Video : Kamala Harris Explains Democracy

  1. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, this is an outsiders point of view from the UK and in 12 mins his analysis is
    absolutely outstanding , tears in my eyes watching and listening to this , every word the truth , shame on you BLM shame on you globalists shame on you liberal left….

    Chris McGlade has an amazing gift to say it how it is. I’m hoping this message explodes across the globe…

  2. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, tried to post this before the amazing Chris McGlade, as always to the point and truthful.

    Absolutely outstanding , every word the truth , shame on you BLM shame on you globalists shame on you liberal left.

  3. Robert says:

    Kamala Harris is making it clear that she wants a colour revolution following the planned disputed elections.

  4. Robert says:

    Drug decriminalization or possibly legalization would likely solve much of the gang-related murders and deaths related to drug law enforcement. It would subsequently produce a significant reduction in gun crime. Unfortunately, the Republicans and Democrats are more concerned about the optics of maintaining the war on drugs or banning firearms. The UN has been opposed to marijuana legalization in the United States. I think that the US should just legalize one drug after another while increasing penalties for smuggling drugs out of the US.

  5. Robert says:

    U.S. states’ pot legalization not in line with international law: U.N. agency

    Legalizing most drugs would obviously not be a panacea. There were a lot of heroin addicts before 1931. I just don’t think the addict should be treated like a criminal, and there should be a way to buy unadulterated heroin medically or something. I’m more concerned about the newer synthetic opiates.

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