UK August Mean Temperature Showing No Significant Warming

Hi everyone!
As Tony announced, I, @KiryeNet, am a new member on his Real Climate Science team! Have you seen his video? If not, please do take a look at it.

I like charting data, and so I made this one today.

▲Data Source

As you can see, 8 of 14 stations in UK show August mean temperatures have had a cooling or no warming trend since 1989.
(Note: those 14 stations have sufficient data dating back at least to 1980’s on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s website).

People gripped in fear by climate alarmists need to understand there is nothing to worry about in the UK when it comes to catastrophic warming, which is just a scam.

If you want to check out other charts I made, you can see them on Pierre Gosselin’s blog: NoTricksZone or my tweets.

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12 Responses to UK August Mean Temperature Showing No Significant Warming

  1. Steve T says:

    Welcome Kirye! Thank you for your work and I look forward to the future of common sense and truth.

  2. Ron Simmons says:


  3. Fred says:

    Welcome to Tony’s Team. I look forward to following your postings especially ones relevant to the UK.

  4. stewartpid says:

    Welcome aboard Kirye.
    I have enjoyed your work over at NoTricksZone and look forward to your posts here.

  5. Tom E. says:

    Welcome, Kirye! Please don’t show these trend results to Prince Charles, because his head may explode!

  6. Kozlowski says:

    A warm welcome to you Kirye. Thank you so much for putting in the tireless effort required to push against so much nonsense. Quite a few of us out here who genuinely appreciate it.

  7. AlJo1816 says:

    Hi Kirye,

    the data you are plotting seem to be quite noisy. I suspect this is having a substantial impact on the trend. Can you replot these records as an average? That would reduce the noise substantially.

  8. Brian James says:

    September 7, 2020 Isolated Pacific Island Hachijojima Shows No Warming In 80 Years

    What makes Hachijojima interesting climatically is its rural, non-urban features – in the middle of the ocean – making station siting there less prone to factors that could corrupt the data, such as airports, asphalt, concrete, steel, and other heat-sink-acting infrastructure.

  9. feathers says:

    Welcome aboard! Excited to hear that Tony is getting help to fight the madness! My background is in infectious diseases and the climate change garbage is now front and center in most epidemiology and public health programs in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. No wonder public health worldwide went pseudo-science during the pandemic.

    For example, climate change and the shrinking permafrost is going to unleash terrible diseases such as anthrax and smallpox. Here is a perfect example of this nonsense:

    10 mins of Tony Heller and you’d know that the permafrost has had many freeze/thaw cycles over the centuries. Furthermore, human populations in northern latitudes have been shrinking in recent decades (Murmansk for example). I’m pretty sure you’d need population centers near these new environmental exposures for there to be any real risk (lol).

  10. lance says:

    Welcome Kirye….I followed you on NoTricksZone also!!

  11. John Edmondson says:

    Thanks Kriye and welcome.

    That’s interesting, as CET probably does.

    I suspect a large UHI bias in the CET analysis.

    Most of those sites you quoted are rural and remote, so should be free of any contamination.



  12. Brian D says:


    Pretty normal in the Upper Midwest, too, for August.

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