UK August Mean Temperature Showing No Significant Warming

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As Tony announced, I, @KiryeNet, am a new member on his Real Climate Science team! Have you seen his video? If not, please do take a look at it.

I like charting data, and so I made this one today.

?Data Source

As you can see, 8 of 14 stations in UK show August mean temperatures have had a cooling or no warming trend since 1989.
(Note: those 14 stations have sufficient data dating back at least to 1980’s on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s website).

People gripped in fear by climate alarmists need to understand there is nothing to worry about in the UK when it comes to catastrophic warming, which is just a scam.

If you want to check out other charts I made, you can see them on Pierre Gosselin’s blog: NoTricksZone or my tweets.

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