New Video : Rachel Maddow Weighs In On Climate

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8 Responses to New Video : Rachel Maddow Weighs In On Climate

  1. James Snook says:

    The shots of the demolished houses clearly show them built with large lots trees surrounding them. Asking for trouble.

  2. Tom O says:

    Sounds like another one of those who have been “a climate expert for decades and decades” Keep her away from the west coast, they have enough “hot air” there already.

  3. Jim Brown says: this vid says sea level rise 3x or 4x on the east coast. Sea level can not rise 3x or 4x faster than other parts of the world. I could believe land sinking in that area but not water rising more than other parts of the world. 15:20 geo elevations are not a thing with ocean water. Thanks Tony for helping me see the silliness like their statement and junk science that’s so pervasive today.

  4. Scissor says:

    I don’t want to know what Rache Maddow’s mask smell like, but Joe does.

  5. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    I am not an expert at this, and this is my first time doing it, but just superficially searching “wildfire” in Google Trends, one can see a crude correlation with wildfires and presidential and midterm election years:

    I don’t know how robust that is, but I suspect somewhere in the data, this is exactly what is going on. And Google Trends may not be indicative of the number of news stories published, but what people are actually searching for. So possibly on another service, that tracks word use by the media (like LexusNexis) would be more indicative?

    I don’t know what tool Zach Goldberg is using in the video below, but I bet there would be a pattern with all kinds of things climate change related and election years:

    Far Left Media Is Making Liberals Insane, This Data Proves It

    So, if it is easy to do, it would be good to know if our elections are causing all of these wildfires? (lol)

    Just a thought…

  6. Felton Suthon says:

    1930-1939 Forest Fires averaged 39m acres per year. 2020 for 8.5 months extrapolated to 12 months (in spite of the dangers of extrapolation) 9.7m acres. The 1940 metro area populations of Seattle, Portland, SF and LA were a combined 4.55m – in 2019, that total is now 24.4m. Could it be that almost 40m extra eyes are causing the fire “crisis” when the burn area is about 25% of that 80-90 years ago?

  7. Jerome Howard says:

    Hahahaha….you called Rachel Maddow a journalist.

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