New Real Climate Science Team Member!

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  1. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Good news Tony that Japanese climate blogger Kirye is to submit articles and information to your excellent blog site. Welcome Kirye!! 😊😊👀

  2. DB Smith says:

    Google is using nonfunctional captcha to keep me from seeing your posts.
    Vote Trump!
    Global Warming is a farce!

  3. Michael Spencer says:

    Good news Tony! And the very best of collaborative luck …..

    Meanwhile, the climate alarmists are starting to become vocal again as the coronoavirus panic starts to fade – and isn’t it strange that it seems that the very same people promoting ‘climate alarm’ appear to be the same ones promoting ‘coronavirus’ alarm?

    And so this cartoon appeared in ‘The Pravda-by-the-Yarra’ newspaper (otherwise known as ‘The Age’) this week (and I’m sure that you’ll be most impressed!):

  4. Ken Kanavel says:

    Excellent news. I have an interesting .gif from It shows the progression of western fires around Sept. 8. Note date stamp on bottom left of video/.gif. The sudden appearance of several simultaneous fires may be coincidental but when I first saw it I was startled. Thoughts?

    • arn says:

      Simultaneous starting of fire is just like
      simultaneous “spontaneous” starting BLM&Antifa protests all around the country
      (incl. bricks delivered to street corners right in time)
      after a black guy was shot
      while noone cared about the thousands of black that were killed before Floyd
      or as the simultanous start of bashing trump/ghaddaffi/Assad
      etc at the very same time by all the media

  5. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Thumbs up!


  6. Cornelius says:


  7. Liam says:

    Welcome on board Kirye!

    I was surprised at the mask though! It wasn’t what I expected!

    Well so it seemed at first glance! That dress code is almost normal now the way things have gone lately. Then I thought a rewind button mask might suit a few people I know, maybe even myself sometimes!

  8. Gator says:

    Congratulations Kirye! And congratulations Tony for bringing aboard a person of real integrity. I look forward to a plethora of great analysis, from a pair of original thinkers.

    All the best to you both!

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Welcome Kirye!

  10. griff says:

    Just checking in to say you haven’t mentioned this year’s sea ice minimum – second lowest on record?

    Why is that?

  11. Stephen Richards says:

    I spend a lot of effort on blogs and youtube defending Tony H against the idiots. I guess i will have to start defending Kirye.

    What a great pleasure.

  12. pinroot says:

    Nice! I used to follow her on twitter, before my account got shut down.

  13. Colorado Wellington says:

    Welcome Kirye and best of luck!

    Tony is fortunate to have you join his platform and we are all grateful to have you on the team in the fight against the totalitarians.

  14. Pierre Vallieres says:

    A Big Welcome, Kirye. I have read many of your articles and it is really great to see you contributing to this site. The Best to you.

  15. TRM says:

    Tony here is one way to generate extra revenue. In addition to donations, which will still be the vast majority of your income, you could register as a content creator with the Brave Browser ecosystem and collect some “BAT” (Basic Attention Tokens) which can be converted to cash.

    It won’t be much at first but I think the idea has legs and will work out. We viewers select what ads we want to see and select which sites we make donations to.

  16. mwhite says:

    “The commercial application of the SAFIRE PROJECT experiment as a nuclear plasma reactor”

  17. Bob Tisdale says:

    Welcome Kirye!

    Congrats, Tony.

    Stay safe and healthy, everyone.


  18. Lurch68 says:

    Welcome aboard, Kirye! I look forward to seeing more of your contributions. Thank you, Tony, for extending Kirye such an opportunity on your platform. You both are a breath of fresh air in a sea of acrid, toxic propaganda.

  19. Peter says:

    Get Tony to share this, I’m not on any social media, ta.

  20. Robert MacAdam says:

    Disappointed to hear you say you’re leaving Youtube. I like many viewers get to see your content with the simple ease of saying “youtube” into our Comcast remote. Once one starts to see your content Youtube then enters your newest stuff into “recommended” (as you probably know) and we see all your entries. We’ve discovered there is more content to view day in and out then Netfix and the rest of cable combined. I fear you are going to lose a lot of viewers (seniors especially that live with the TV remote). You should reconsider and at least stay until you are kicked off….just my take.

  21. Quentin Paterson says:

    Great work.
    Dumb? Question: Antarctic ice looks like top of recent range and Greenland is in an accumulating period. Ski resorts are reporting good conditions. Ice and snow have to come from somewhere. Would you expect to see it in a slower rate of sea level rise? Is the data anywhere near that good?

  22. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been conducting a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me dinner because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this issue here on your blog.

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