New Video : Destroying Civilization With Fake Data

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6 Responses to New Video : Destroying Civilization With Fake Data

  1. Liam says:

    Hi Tony, I particularly enjoyed the references to Ireland. However, for some reason I can no longer see readers’ comments on your posts. I can’t work out why.
    In relation to skyrocketing cases in Ireland, another reason for that, is skyrocketing testing, or as President Trump would call it ‘great testing’. During the peak of the outbreak from March to May the average tests taken per day was probably about 4000 or 5000 and testing rates plummeted for the summer. They excelled themselves the other day with 19,000 tests in a single day. The first thing a scientist should look for when there is a change in data is a change in sampling methodology. Our media won’t mention such things. They mislead us very successfully. However there are a great many more angry people here for this second lockdown compared to the first. I’m delighted to see more sceptics. But it is hard to push back when government, medical advisors, media, and police all work together to promoter the agenda, whatever that is.

  2. mwhite says:

    “Scientists said the detection of traces of the virus before the end of 2019 was consistent with evidence in other countries that COVID-19 may have been circulating before China reported the first cases on Dec. 31.”

    Spanish claim to have found the virus in sewage sample dating back to March 2019

  3. Davide says:

    In Italy outside masks have been mandatory since October 8th.

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    It says above there are two comments but can’t see either.

    It is so hard to overcome the sheer terror some people have they seem to accept any restrictions. Fear is such a good weapon that I think we should use it too.

  5. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    New comments to posts are listed in the right pane on the blog page, but they are not showing up in the comments section. For this post, it says at the bottom in big, boldface letters that there are 2 responses to this “New video” post, but no responses are actually visible.

    Tried checking this on three different computers and operating systems, including Linux. Comments to posts are nowhere to be seen.

    “Well-intentioned” lefties throttling discussion in the runup to the election?

  6. Ben Vorlich says:

    I can’t see any comments to your items. I have tried Firefox and Vivaldi on PC and Vivaldi and Brave on Android, Are they being censored

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