New Video : How The US Temperature Record Is Being Altered (Part 3)

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  1. Nelson Woodard says:

    Tony, A wonderful set of posts.

    You will get a kick out of Cliff Mass’s post on Washington State climate over at Watts Up With That. He claims models using RCP 8.5 show WA will warm 3-5 degrees by 2050.

    Of course, the WA sites in the Climate Reference network show no warming, but they are fairly short time series.

    I found the graph of Temperatures at Mauna Loa over at No Trick Zone interesting. The trend in temperatures at the site where we get CO2 measures from shows a negative trend since 1980.

    I bet it would be easy for you guys to show Cliff’s work is nonsense based on unadjusted historical data.

    I commented on Cliff’s post at WUWT.

  2. John Gerschwitz says:

    Thank you Tony for exposing this blatant alteration of the climate records. It’s a shame this information isn’t published more widely. I’m impressed with how well informed your dog is, a very smart cookie.

  3. Greg W Smith says:

    Excellent report, Tony! Thanks! Now the hard part, getting people to open their eyes and look at it.

  4. Anon says:

    Hi Tony:

    The sad thing is is that the “slope” is actually the “result” and that gets obfuscated by all of these seemingly benign adjustments and people have a hard time understanding that.

    It would be a lot more obvious if it were some kind of definitive result, like a pregnancy test. Where the test comes out negative, but through a bunch of speculative parameter changes they determine you are pregnant. (lol) And that sets up a “believe us” verses the actual test. And that is what NASA and NOAA are doing. (sigh)


    Right now we are being lied to once again about the Hunter Biden laptop and it was the 2016 Wikileaks revelations (that mentioned Podesta and Think Progress efforts to smear Roger Pielke) that brought me to Real Climate Science. My thought back then, was that if the Democrats were willing to lie about the Podesta and DNC emails, what compunction would they have to not tamper with the Temperature Record?

    And this was the first video I saw from RCS trying to answer that question:

    NOAA : Hiding Critical Arctic Sea Ice Data 5/25/2017

    So, with that in mind, I just wanted to say that Wikileaks was really what opened up my mind back in 2016/2017, and gave me reason to doubt everything the government was telling me.

    Opinion Journal: How Government Twists Climate Statistics 4/21/2017

    So, possibly a video (retrospective) that summarizes many of the past climate scandals, like: Hiding the Decline, Wikileaks smearing Pielke, your 2015 prediction that RSS would be altered, Ted Cruz questioning the Sierra Club president, the 2009 Climate Gate emails, Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans, etc… might be well received now?

    I am guessing that after the Bidens are fully exposed that there will be a period of time where people will be angry and also receptive to other points of view. As I was.

    Anyway, just a thought…

  5. Hotwire says:

    Sad to hear YouTube have joined the new fascist. I am afraid to where we are headed. Please keep up the good work.
    Fight fascism vote Trump.!

  6. Ali Bertarian says:

    What is the response, if any, when someone requests from the keepers of the data the rationale for the final adjustments to the data?

    Does anyone claim to know what the rationale is? What are the details of their claim?

    (I am not able to see the comments to your articles, so I don’t know if you have already responded.)

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m sure that you have already figured this out, but it just occurred to me that the fit between CO2 and temperature is a bigger smoking gun than I originally thought. They are not fitting the temperature to the CO2 by hand as my old mind would imagine, but they have actually programmed the key temperature determining parameter in their model to be CO2!!! And then the raw temperatures are adjusted to match the forecasted temperatures. They may hide this with a bunch of sleuth of hand subroutines, but deep in there somewhere is a subroutine that makes CO2 the key determinate of the adjusted temperature, otherwise it would not fit so perfectly. If I recall, without looking anything up, the past CO2 levels followed temperature in the ice core samplings, but not as tightly as they are making the relationship through their adjustments. Someone needs to take the models programming apart and see what is going on,

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