New Video : My Trip To Zombieland

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3 Responses to New Video : My Trip To Zombieland

  1. nfw says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t ask the moron on twitter you attacked you whether the deaths of the four infants was true. Their responses are always telling as they will never admit any truths which affect their jaundiced and stupid views of the world.

    Noice Trump/Pence face diaper. In live in Sydney and we in NSW pretty well ignore the stupidity. Face nappies are only worn by some elderly (not all which is good to see); some younger people who must be scared by their mothers; Karens and Chads who I suspect are public servants still being paid and “never having worked so hard” we are told; and of course Asians, but not all them either.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Tony, what a blessing to be able to “enjoy“ the horrified looks from people who saw your Trump mask. I need a shot of your courage. I bought one of those masks but have yet to wear it. Thank you for all you do to encourage the rest of us and to promote sanity.

  3. Steve Bunten says:

    Tony, you should do a report on the increase in Covid cases such as happening down here in Colorado. When I look at the state data I see that the number of tests has shot up and that almost 60% of those w/ positive Covid are under the age of 40 (and most are likely between ages 18-25–college-aged kids). And that our death rate is staying fairly flat and are almost solely 70+. So now the Denver mayor and other political idiots are ready to order everyone to “stay at home” instead of being happy that we can soon reach herd immunity such as Sweden has.

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