New Video : The Virus Spreads Everywhere

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  1. G Garnier says:

    CDC report claiming masks are not effective. Reported dated May 2020. A little science for the numbskulls

  2. Mohib says:

    The Federalist ran an excellent piece on this very issue a few days back.:

    These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

    Check out this video they linked to showing ineffectiveness of different types of masks

  3. feathers says:

    Wearing surgical masks ties together two lies that aim to mislead the populace. First, the idea that simple surgical masks provide protection is silly (not talking about N95 respirators). In the best scenario, any positive impact of wearing masks indoors is based on the idea of limiting the size and reach of ones own personal microbial cloud. So instead of ones ‘cloud’ traveling 2-3 meters, the particles within the cloud only travel 6 inches or less, breaking disease dynamics. However, this raises the second question – “who cares how far my microbial cloud travels if I’m not sick”. Here, the potential threat of ‘asymptomatic carrier’ has been whipped up into a public health hysteria. Sure, some fecal-oral diseases such as polio is driven by asymptomatic carriers but this is generally not the case with respiratory diseases. Is there ‘some’ asymptomatic transmission with COVID-19? Sure, maybe a little but does it warrant mask compliance by every healthy American? No way, and we lose a lot of our freedoms and liberties in the process of obedience. But don’t take my words, listen to our wonderful savior, the mega-expert Dr. Fauci:

    Asymptomatic Carriers:

    Wearing masks:

    • Robert Austin says:

      To elaborate, your “cloud” may not travel as far but the miasma remains in the air around your head. But people don’t stand still so you leave the spot and some one else occupies your former spot and thus occupying your miasmic cloud. This is why masks are a joke under realistic conditions. A local medical examiner said that masks are a “chicken soup” remedy.

    • John Francis says:

      Thank you for clarity.

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