New Video : Non-Consensus Science

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  1. johnbuk says:

    Looks like even the ‘alarmists’ are embarrassed with this Tony. It’s been pulled.

  2. Rosco says:

    When I look at I cannot see that the lockdowns had ANY impact on emissions as measured at Muana Loa.

    IF manmade emissions suffered a dramatic down turn then the graphs are surely proof that our emissions are trivial compared to nature !

  3. Terry Dixon says:

    Hi Tony,

    Believe me – I am a climate skeptic ! Your numerous posts of the corrected temperature data are compelling. The graph you show above is compelling. But I note that the extreme right border shows the very recent much higher CO2 levels than have ever occurred previously. This is significantly different to anything that has gone before. If we are right, the warming-cooling cycles will continue as normal, but the timescale will take many generations for this to be shown. Would you care to comment of the very recent “abnormal” CO2 data ? Thanks. Dicko

    • David A says:

      Terry, the graph does not show that.
      Exactly zero graphics show “forever” or they would be infinitely long.

      For must of Earth’s history CO2 was considerably higher then today.

      Also please understand that the Holice age CO2 graphics and do not show peak CO2. One, they have very poor resolution, think century to multi century resolution. Two, there are ligitimate concerns about the accuracy of those measurements.

      And mostly please understand that CO2 is immensely beneficial, and the purported harms are failing to manifest, and that each additional ppm CO2 increase has reduced warming potential.

  4. Jeremy Ashford says:

    I’m working on carbon capture right now.
    I just drove home from the garden centre.

  5. Michael Jones says:

    Hi Tony,you are a great human and presenter;thank you for all your great work.I’m trying to find your video about how consensus science was used to fill in the blanks to make the vaccines.what is the title? I can’t find it after much searching.thanks

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