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Science Reaches Peak Idiocy

Flu diagnosis have all but disappeared, and experts say it is because of the success lockdowns and mask mandates. How COVID-19 is changing the cold and flu season   Influenza-associated Pediatric Mortality The CDC also says that masks don’t work … Continue reading

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The Green New Deal Arrives In Colorado

Thousands in Colorado without heat after vandals attack gas system Earth First! Worldwide Temperatures in the region were below 0F (-18C) this morning. This terrorism is only temporary and will be corrected soon, but Joe Biden has promised to completely … Continue reading

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Implementation Of The Green New Deal

About one year ago, China started circulating pictures of people dropping dead in the streets, hazmat suits, and government welding people into their homes – in order to stop the spread of some “novel” virus “which no one had immunity … Continue reading

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This Date In 1974

A number of climatologists, whose job it is to keep an eye on long‐term weather changes, have lately been predicting deterioration of the benign climate to which we have grown accustomed. They point to signs both great (a steady global … Continue reading

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Speed Reading Champion!

The judge read 270 pages of evidence and wrote a 20 page response in just five hours.  Lin Wood on Twitter Order

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New Video : Wyoming Global Warming Outbreak

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COVID-19 Has Cured The Flu

Number of Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths Only one pediatric flu death during the past 28 weeks in the US. Notifications Notifications Notifications, current page. 6

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A Reminder That You Don’t Exist

Does Big Brother exist?’ ‘Of course he exists. The Party exists. Big Brother is the embodiment of the Party.’ ‘Does he exist in the same way as I exist? ‘ You do not exist,’ said O’Brien – George Orwell  1984

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The invisible menaces of COVID and CO2 have teamed up, but it isn’t clear if CO2 causes COVID or the other way around. Green Party leader Eamon Ryan says there’s a ‘clear climate link to Covid-19 outbreak’ | Ireland | … Continue reading

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Climate Warning Stickers

Cambridge, Massachusetts is going to post climate warning stickers on their gas pumps. Massachusetts city to post climate change warning stickers at gas stations | Massachusetts | The Guardian According to John Cook, total annual CO2 emissions from earth’s surface … Continue reading

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