New Video : She Turned Me Into A Newt

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  1. Don Koch says:

    Tony- I can no longer find your newer material on youtube. did they censor you?

    • Jessica+pohl says:

      Oh yeah, they did – twice within a short, perfectly calculated time-space. It’s part of the New Normal, also known as the post-capitalist socialist paradise-in-the-making. Ever wondered why your comments on YT have a throttled feel about them?

    • CLIVE+HORRIDGE says:

      Yes, YT has taken him down, look for Tony Heller on newtube

  2. Conrad+Ziefle says:

    Same thing appears to be happening in Europe, crazy lockdowns, curve starts dropping, but-oh wait, it appears to be dropping in Sweden too, without the lockdowns. Maybe the virus is just running out of victims? Maybe more of us have immunity or resistance than we think? I hope so. Now they want to keep us locked down because of climate change. Can’t you find a hacker who can break into the networks and run your presentation on the altering of data during the afternoon news reports?

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Tony

    Love your videos especially about Australia as I live in Sydney. Is the following correct:


  4. Glen Bard says:

    I was listening to the radio today and CBS News came on at the top of the hour. They had a story about how the forest fires were especially terrible this year and claimed that climate change was responsible. Literally everything that was said in their story was untrue.

  5. OrphanFrequency says:

    Another good post. Did you completely quit youtube?
    There are a few nice short “Sci-Fi” movies on youtube, this one fits best with your post:

    (I guess categorizing them as Sci-Fi keeps it within the “Community Guidelines”.)

  6. Clauss says:

    Dear Tony,

    You have my support regarding climate science.

    Please let me know how can I help and support your action.


  7. czechlist says:

    I have been retired for several years. One of the few things I miss about work is the interaction and exchange of ideas, opinions and general information on any subject(s) with the population I was exposed to daily. Bars, barbershops, lodges have been other traditional venues for sharing information and opinion. The lock downs and general fear of virus spread is limiting / preventing the exchange of information and opinion in the general population. We no longer know who is of similar opinions and media influence has become predominant. When 0 took office I witnessed similar; fear of speaking openly. Our freedoms are being suppressed by the intimidation of militant minorities and media. Unfortunately, cancel culture is real and too many cannot risk their lively hood.


    On a TV cooking programme I watched a masked cook smell some spices while wearing a mask, and declared, “That smells good!”

    • Arn says:

      People on the left,and especially those those in entertainment are extremely virus&CO2 -phob and there is no stupidity they won’t accept or do,no matter how illogical it is.

    • paul courtney says:

      Mr. Higginson: That’s nothin’. I saw a ventriloquist act, he wore a mask (you really couldn’t see his lips moving!) and he made the dummy wear a mask!

  9. Stuart D. Morrison says:

    Hi Tony, Please also begin posting on a useful place for the information that you share!!

  10. Scissor says:

    Where did Wyoming’s governor contract CV19? Colorado’s undoubtedly had contact with some dick.

  11. David Caddie says:

    Thanks Tony,
    How do I find Newtube? Google could not find it nor could the Apple AppStore.

  12. Tony,

    I wrote an email to you wishing to make contact if possible. My email address is below. If possible, I would love to have a brief chat around your schedule. I am a big fan of your videos and the very useful information they convey.

    Thank You!

  13. WCK says:

    The mask is NOT for protection from covid (the box it comes in states that it will not), it is a marker to focus the ire of the “torch and pitchfork at midnight” crowd, show your independence and you will be buried independentantly.

  14. Scott allen says:

    It’s called the “Peltzman Effect” or “Risk Compensation” or “Risk Homeostasis”. People typically adjust their behavior within the perameters of perceived level of risk, becoming more careful if they “Feel” greater risk and less careful if they feel more protected, it’s why mask don’t work. It’s the reason why traffic deaths went down after seat belt laws went into effect then a few month later went back up.
    This was Douglas county (Omaha) Director of Public Health after they passed a mask mandate.
    “Pour (douglas county health department director) also said Omaha’s mask mandate is going well. She said she went to a grocery store Saturday and felt so comfortable after seeing so many people wearing masks that she ventured to two more stores.”
    Two weeks later Douglas county had their highest Covid infection since February

  15. Loco+Hombre says:

    Tony: Try

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