Global Warming No Longer Out Of Control

A few days ago, global warming was unstoppable and out of control. But with temperatures starting to plummet from the La Nina, the narrative has quickly changed again.

Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals ‘within reach’ – BBC News

Experts having being saying global warming was out of control and unstoppable for decades.

Mercury News: Search Results

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19 Responses to Global Warming No Longer Out Of Control

  1. thurman Zhou says:

    Controlling temperature or turning the US and other western countries into communists despots? I find it ironic that Trump didn’t do anything for C(Lie)mate Change and yet here we are with Saint Biden, UN goals are within reach. … Step right up! Place your bets when Covid goes away. Joe’s in charge! Does Las Vegas takes bets on that? I’m thinking Jan 21????

    • Allan Shelton says:

      What is Trump supposed to do?
      Climate change is natural, and has nothing to do with CO2
      Trump can only expose CC charlatans.

    • Arn says:

      The goals MUST eventually be in reach(no matter how many times we passed the point of no return ) ,
      as you can’t convince the whole world to pay a tax for a lost cause.
      There would be too much resistance if you force people to bet on a dead horse .
      That’s why climate has all of a sudden become Schrodingers Cat,dead and alive at the same time .
      This “news ” was written long time ago and supposed to be released by 2016,but Trump got in the way.
      Now Biden is gonna do what Hitlery was supposed to do in 2017.

  2. Bob Janssen says:

    Keep up your excellent sleuthing. It’s a world full of deceit and thanks for shedding a light on all of that. Cheers!

  3. kzvx says:

    What a pillock Matt McGrath of the BBC is. If he didn’t keep prattling on about ‘climate change’, he knows he’d be out of a job

    • ganderson says:

      KZVX: I love the word ‘pillock”.

      In the great 70’s comedy “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin” one episode has Reggie going on a chat show called “Pillock Talk” with Colin Pillock

  4. Mike says:

    I guess we won’t need the Green New Deal, eh?


    The Maldives and the Seychelles refuse to be submerged in spite that they could claim all sorts of compensation.
    They must try harder.

  6. Jean-Marc Lamothe says:

    What? Is that they don’t need it anymore because they now have the covid fear mongering?

  7. Jessica+pohl says:

    Lest we forget: with “climate change” and “global warming”, which are two sides of the radical left’s major anti-West and anti-“whiteness” social justice “issue” – not to mention universally understood agitprop – are always implied that they are “manmade”, i.e. caused by the white supremacist male and main perpetrator of every evil ever visited on this world. That, incidentally, is also why they are so eager to hybridize it with the CV19 fraud.

  8. Steve+Cooksey says:

    Now they just need to make the connection of the slowing of warming to destroying the airline industry. Wait for it.

  9. Greg in NZ says:

    But, but Jacinda Ardern’s just declared New Zealand is in a *climate emergency* as of 3 pm on the 2nd of December, oh nose!

    Shrieking words such as Fire! Floods! Pestilence! Disease! unless we ‘decarbonise’ our tiny economy, the harpy has now set in motion 1,000s of Kiwi kids suffering nightmares right before Christmas. And to think it was SNOWING on our southern mountains only yesterday – the first day of ‘summer’.

  10. Robertv says:

    The climate can only warm or cool. If it stops warming it’ll start cooling and I don’t think the Canadians will like it on the long run.

  11. Petit_Barde says:

    What’s clearly out of control is the idiocy of all those climate clowns.

  12. Irish B says:

    If we are generous we could say that he meant that that was the deadline to stop it and not the date at which it would happen – as in “I need to put my foot on the brakes 5m before the wall to avoid crashing”

    But that then makes me wonder – So Noel, did we do what was necessary to stop it? If Yes then what exactly was done because I only can see an acceleration of all the “bad stuff” and no reversal or cessation of problematic activities….. and if the answer is No then we’re already done for right?
    So which is it Noel…

  13. Conrad+Ziefle says:

    So climate, by definition the long term centennial or even millennial trend in weather, changed over night?

  14. Jim Dorsheimer says:

    Let’s hope the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum will be intense enough to cull the soy infused leftists off the planet. Frozen in place windmills and snow covered solar panels.

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