COVID-19 Has Cured The Flu

Number of Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths

Only one pediatric flu death during the past 28 weeks in the US.

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13 Responses to COVID-19 Has Cured The Flu

    • arn says:

      Isn’t it crazy that the same incredible and mathemstically impossible “coiincidences” always favour the very same globalist people.

      Be it in terms of covid,global warming
      or even war and regime change(remember when the british joined the US WMD lie to attack iraq,and also had the incredible luck that dr. David Kelly
      was clintonize….committed suicide just in time before he could blow the whistle.
      Or how Mi6&CiA conspired to remove mossadeq on behalf of BP,
      or that the british army was sent to save the Baku Oilfields for the Rockefellers.)

      Now we have this fantastic virus that has cured all other leathal diseases and replaced them as cause of dead.
      (the only real covid related increase will be an artificial one.
      The mass dying of millions of poor people from starvation in poor countries as result of lockdowns-and all those dead people will officially be counted as covid victims while in fact they had bern killed by UN,WHO,Bilderberger etc.

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Why is this not a surprise?

  2. Greg Raven says:

    I’ll bet it has cured heart disease, too, and many others.

  3. Scissor says:

    I suppose if we keep all the kids locked away, they’ll never catch flu at school.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    I read one article in which deep state apologists were crediting the record-breaking lack of flu to mask wearing and lockdowns. Another article said that those who would have died from flu died from C19 instead. Naw. It couldn’t be that C19 numbers have been inflated.

    This scam couldn’t be any more transparent.

  5. Kurt Goodwin says:

    Too soon to see exactly what the apparent reudction will be, we’re still on the upslope of the usual curve. But I expect it will be sigfnificantly lower.

  6. Gary Wescom says:

    You don’t suppose some colds and flu viruses test positive as COVID-19 do you?

  7. Matt D says:

    Hi Tony,

    From time to time I come across a story which I would would like to share with you to place in your ‘arsenal’. I cant find any way to contact you (which makes sense because of the climatecult). Is there are secret way to send you info?

    The specific one right now – Ukraine drops a nuke on the Bidens: (right after your re-post of Biden on stage)
    (I have verified the subtitles with a Russian speaker)
    This story needs to reach more people!

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Same here in NSW. The data is quite amazing.

    See page 28 for the graphs. Not only has there been no deaths from influenza since the 2nd week of April but there have been no positive tests for influenza in hospitals either. And that’s not because of a lack of testing. By contrast NSW had 331 deaths from the flu last year.

    If someone had suggested in 2019 that we should have a total lockdown to prevent the flu everyone else would tell them they’re mad.

  9. mikegeo says:

    Tony you deliver facts with a nice dry irony and I appreciate both the information itself and the presentation. Short, straight and to the point. Thanks for that.
    And I must say we’ve now entered the realm of total scientific corruption when the leaders of national taxpayer-funded health services have their thumbs on the scales of death pigeon holes in order to be in lockstep with the dictatorial politicians for media exposure and increased funding. The CDC, the NIH and Britain’s NHS are all complicit.
    I fear that 2021 will be no better and that they’ll keep us all under every changing lock and key until they can see a fake way of being able to declare “victory” and then pass out our money, and get re-elected. Why do liberals always seem to get away with it???

  10. Matt D says:

    Tony you need to see this and push it out

    Kieth Olbermann

  11. Eric Hatfield says:

    It’s early in the season, but you’d expect more influenza deaths by now.

    WRT Covid deaths people better make sure the cause of death is correct on the death certificate for life insurance purposes. If memory serves most life insurance policies don’t pay if the person dies of a pandemic or war. So if your loved one dies of Covid, you better make sure it is because of Covid and not someone dying with Covid. It may make a difference on the life insurance payout.

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